Manufacturer: Izyum Instrument Making Plant  
Product type: Sighting Systems  
Name: Sight  

BPK-2-42M is the combined periscope sight with daytime and passive night modes. It was designed for area surveillance, target identification and verification, determination of the range to target using range finding scale, providing aimed firing from the cannon using standard shells. It is installed on BMP 2 armored personnel carrier.

  • Zoom of the aiming device: x6 (daytime system), x5.5 (night system)

  • Field of view of the aiming device: 10 (daytime system), 640′ (night system)

  • Exit pupil diameter: 6/4.5 mm (daytime system), 7 mm (night system)

  • Distance of the exit pupil from the outside of the last ocular lens: 30 mm (daytime system), 20 mm (night system)

  • Periscope line-of-sight height: 221 mm (daytime system), 248 mm (night system)

  • Ocular diopter setting: from -3 to +5 diopter (daytime system) from -3 to +5 diopter (night system)

  • Oscillating angles if the gear mechanism: from -8 to +30 degrees (daytime system), from -8 to +30 degrees (night system)

  • Overall dimensions: not more than 337×357×458 mm

  • Weight of the device: not more than 25 kg

  • Power supply voltage (DC power): 27 V

Included in:
Product Amount
BMP-2 (Infantry fighting vehicle)

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