TRP2 RISTA/Cavalry

Manufacturer: Oto Melara SpA  
Product type: Auxiliary Vehicles  
Name: Robot, Unmanned Vehicle  

The TRP2 RISTA (Reconnaissance, Intelligence, Surveillance and Target Acquisition, also known as TRP2 Cavalry) robot has a tracked chassis. Its tracks has the shape of an inverted trapezoid, which guarantees good mobility when traveling on stairs.

Since the robot is designed to perform special reconnaissance tasks, it can be dismantled for modules behind the back weighing less than 20 kg each, which, if necessary, allows to refuse to transport it by car to the launch site. The maximum combat mass is about 90 kg and the speed is 15 km/h on a road.

The onboard equipment is presented in the form of an optical-electronic station Mini Colibri from Selex ES, which rises on the arm of the pantograph type. The sensor package includes an uncooled thermal imaging camera with a resolution of 320x240 with a field of view of 4.6, a daytime CCD camera with increased sensitivity with a variable field of view from 2.4 to 46 and an eye-safe laser rangefinder with a distance of 4000 meters. The arm can rotate by 180 , and the sensor head has an inclination angle of 40.

This robot will provide near-distance reconnaissance capabilities for the version of the Freccia Explorer 8x8, which will be deployed to the intelligence units of the Italian army. Long-distance reconnaissance is entrusted to the Horus UAV from Oto Melara, which can be launched from a 120mm gun barrel or from a light pipe of the same caliber installed on the Freccia Explorer reconnaissance version.

Property Value
Weight (kg)
Max. road speed (km/h)

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TRP2 RISTA/Cavalry