Manufacturer: Stankomash Ltd.  
Product type: Auxiliary Equipment  
Name: Mine cleaning system  

TMT-K is a tank minesweeper, designed for roouting in anti-tank minefields.

TMT-K provides disposal of:

  • anti-track mines

  • anti-bottom mines with contact and non-contact magnetic fuses

  • anti-side mines with non-contact seismic-optical fuses

In addition, it destroys the wires intended for the detonation of mines and EODs, and also leads to the operation of remotely-mounted mines installed in the discharge.

It can be installed on the following vehicles:

  • BMR-3, BIS-3M Armored Demining Vehicles

  • T-72A, T-72B, T-80BV, T-80U, T-90, T-90S Main Battle Tanks

Main characteristics

  • Weight of minesweeper equipment: 7t

  • Trawling speed: 15 km/h

  • Transport speed: 45 km/h

  • Resource: 700 km

  • Blast resistance: 10 pc TM-57 mines, 4 pc TM-62 mines

  • Width of the trawl strip: 2 routes at 0.83 m

  • Installation time: 3h 35min

  • Time of emergency trawl release: 30 sec

  • Maximum gradient (descent): 20

  • Side slope: 15

  • Width of the tranch, diameter of the funnel: 2.5 m

TMT-K was accepted by the Russian army in 2007.

Property Value
Weight (kg)

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