Manufacturer: R V CONNEX CO., LTD  
Product type: Auxiliary Vehicles  
Name: Robot, Unmanned Vehicle  

RVE-1 robot was first introduced by the Thai company R V Connex at Defense & Security 2017 exibition in Bangkok, Thailand.

Adaptable, convenient and versatile RVE-1 (Remote-controlled Vehicle for EOD) uses the latest technologies to support engineer working with EOD, which allows them to successfully and efficiently perform missions.

In addition, the RVE-1 is able to solve a wide range of monitoring/reconnaissance and hazardous tasks, allowing operators to penetrate inaccessible and/or potentially fatal areas by reducing the level of risk. It is extremely mobile, rapidly deploying and completely amphibious - and in general a very flexible modular multi-processor tool, capable of adapting to various possible scenarios and tactical requirements that it may encounter.

The system is controlled by a customizable joystick controller with the choice of user-friendly control modes.

The software is designed specifically for a Toughbook portable computer with touch screen support, with a user-friendly interface for increased efficiency.

The platform is optimized for high mobility under extremely harsh conditions, it is incredibly light and has high performance at small sizes, which makes it suitable for various tasks.

The system uses high-speed, IP-based wireless communication, which provides near-instantaneous feedback and real-time control to make faster decisions when performing a task.

The replaceable robotic arm can reach a total length of 1 meter. At the end of the arm is a powerful grip and a removable sensors and devices, which makes the arm extremely versatile.

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