Manufacturer: Control Solutions LLC  
Product type: Guidance Systems  
Name: Azimuth guidance drive  

CS7100 - Turret Drive System


  • Turret Drive System for tactical vehicles

  • Provides power to move turrets with payloads up to 2000 lb /910 kg (dependent upon gunner protection kit (GPK)/weapon geometry)

  • Easy to use engagement/disengagement handle

  • Manual Override

  • Ideal for driving manual turrets with heavy GPKs/ cupolas

  • Cost effective and efficient solution for automating existing manual turrets


The CS7100 Turret Drive System (TDS) provides smooth, proportional acceleration and control of tactical vehicle turrets. This fully integrated proprietary system combines a rugged military-grade variable speed motor and battletested DC motor controller into one easy to install assembly.

Operation of the turret is via our CS3209 Joystick, CS3210A Thumb Drive or the CS3310 Fingertip Drive Actuators.

The Problem: Tremendous physical effort is required for the gunner to manually rotate turrets with heavy GPKs and cupolas. Manually operated turrets also require the gunner to disengage the target while slewing the weapon.

The Solution: The CS7100 TDS enables the following:

1. Quicker target acquisition = Increased lethality

2. With the CS3210A or CS3310, the gunner never has to remove hands from weapon to traverse turret and can maintain a constant sight picture during engagements.

3. Better control over weapon positioning than non-powered solutions

4. Less gunner fatigue. The turret can be easily operated under high slope/gradient conditions.

CS7100 Turret Drive System Specifications

  • Size (HxWxL) - 16.5" x 7.58" x 7.10" (419mm x 193mm x 180mm)

  • Weight - 35 lb (16kg)

  • Operating voltage - 24V

-Operating current <10A

  • Maximum supported payload weight, pounds (metric) - 2000 lb, (910 kg)

  • Rotations per minute - 6-8 based on configurations of turret

  • Manual operation - Yes (if vehicle power fails)

Property Value
Weight (kg)
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Input voltage (V DC)

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