Cameleon LG E

Manufacturer: ECA Robotics  
Product type: Auxiliary Vehicles  
Name: Robot, Unmanned Vehicle  

Cameleon LG E is a lightweight and high endurance mini UGV dedicated to IEDD & EOD missions. Its modular architecture and Plug & Play systems enable to mount a wide range of payloads and sensors from manipulator arms, to detection and neutralization sensors and water disrupters.

The ultra-light Operator Control Unit is designed with a user-friendly interface for an intuitive use.

The CAMELEON LG is designed to be quickly deployable on-field without slowing down or hindering tactical movements. It can be be carried in a backpack in addition to the standard equipment of an infantry soldier deployed in OPEX (Operations abroad) missions. It is operational in only 3 minutes.

Resistant (IP65) to dust, water and shocks it can work in harsh environments reach inaccessible places such as windows, balconies, low walls, terraces, caves, cliffs ... and be loaded in all types of military vehicles without any storage box.

Its high-resolution cameras, light weight, small size, agility and off-road capabilities were specifically designed to carry out inspection of terrain, culverts, homes, caches or undersides of vehicles in search of IEDs, suspicious packages or hidden triggering devices.

Learning how to use it is easy, quick and without long training requirements.

Its specific design is made to enhance the ergonomics of the touch screen, controls and buttons. Thus, the operator can easily control the robot, interpret received images and data, direct and manipulate the arm and sensors. Its auto-diagnostic system for maintenance helps reduce the operator's workload. The control station is also shocks, water and dust resistant.

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Cameleon LG E
Cameleon LG E
Cameleon LG E
Cameleon LG E
Cameleon LG E