Iraqi Minister for National Security to Present at Defense Conference in Washington this July

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Washington, D.C. - June 7, 2010 - New-Fields Exhibitions, organizers of the Iraq Aviation and Defense Summit (IADS), announced today that His Excellency Shirwan Al-Waili, Iraqi Minister of State for National Security, has confirmed to talk about the challenges and opportunities in the defense sector of his home country, answer questions, and conduct one-on-one meetings with delegates at IADS, a two-day summit on July 22-23 in Washington, D.C.

HE Al-Waili is expected to give delegates a rare and thorough birds' eye view of the threats to the defense and security of Iraq, national security and defense strategies, border control challenges, and foreign military presence in the country. Such topics are central to senior executives in charge of devising programs and setting strategies within their defense companies.

A former Brigadier General of the Iraqi Army with Master's Degree in Public International Law from the University of Oxford, HE Al-Waili has been the Minister of State for National Security in the first permanent Iraqi government. He had served as an advisor for regional affairs with the National Security Ministry as well as a member of the Constitutional Committee.

HE Al-Waili is an Iraqi National Assembly member from the list of the United Iraqi Alliance candidate and the Islamic Dawa Party - the organization of Iraq. He was also a member of the Cairo Conference of the national dialogue through the Iraqi National Assembly and of the Board of Deputies of the Second Session. He represented Iraq at the Arab League Conference and in tripartite committee in the Turkish-Iraqi-American theme PKK.

HE Al-Waili joins other Iraqi defense officials who have confirmed to speak at IADS:

Confirmed Speakers include:

  • General Anwer Ahmed, Iraqi Air Force Commander, Ministry of Defense

  • MG Faisal Ghdban, Chief of Staff, Iraqi Air Force, Ministry of Defense

  • Omar Adnan Huren Al- Huttaitawi, Director General, State Ministry of National Security Affairs

  • Hameed Rashed , Director General of Political Security, State Ministry of National Security Affairs

  • Staff MG Ali Hadi, Director M5 Strategy & Plans, Iraqi Joint Head Quarters

  • Staff MG Kareem Mohammed Salloom Al-daffaie, Minister Advisor for Logistics Affairs, Ministry of Defense

  • General Ahmed Hashem, Commander of Baghdad Operations Center Command, Prime Ministers Office

  • LTG Riyadh Jalal Tawffeeq, Deputy Commander, Iraq Ground Forces Command

  • BG Shihab Ali, Commanding General of Air Surveillances, Ministry of Defense

  • BG Shwan Mudher Ali, Director of Air Logistics, Ministry of Defense

  • BG Scott Hanson, Director of the Iraqi Training & Advisory Mission

  • Saad Yousif, Political Advisor, National Security Council

  • Hamza Shareef, Director General (International Policy), National Security Council

  • Dr. Adnan Blebil, Director General, Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority

  • Stafford Clarry, Director General, Erbil International Airport

The officials will give first-hand insights on the following important organizations:

  • Coalition Military Assistance Training Team, organizes, trains, and equips the Iraqi Army

  • Civilian Police Assistance Training Team, organizes, trains, and equips the Iraqi Police

  • Coalition Army Advisory Training Team, builds the Iraqi Army

  • Coalition Air Force Transition Team, builds the Iraqi Air Force

  • Maritime Strategic Transition Team, supports the Iraqi Navy, Marines and Coast Guard

  • Civilian Police Assistance Training Team, builds Iraqi police agencies

  • Intelligence Transition Team, builds military and police information organizations

  • Iraqi National Counter-Terrorism Task Force, assists Iraqi special operations

  • Security Assistance Office, assists purchase of equipment and overseas training

  • Joint Headquarters Assistance Team, advises the Iraqi Joint Headquarters

  • Ministry of Defense Transition Team, advises the Ministry of Defense staff

One-to-One Meetings

Scheduled one-to-one meetings with Iraqi officials and panel presentations will provide you insights and analysis of the current challenges facing Iraq Aviation, Security and Defense.

Scheduled meetings are on First-come, first-served basis.

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