Series 1220

Manufacturer: Marconi Land & Naval Systems Group  
Product type: Optronic Countermeasure Systems  
Name: Laser warning system  


The Series 1220 Laser Warning Receiver (LWR) has been developed as a private venture by GEC-Marconi Avionics.

The basic system comprises a 360 detector head and an electronics/display unit. This may be integrated with other threat warning system displays. The LWR can be used to protect armoured vehicles, fixed-wing aircraft, battlefield helicopters and other high-value targets which run the ever-present risk of being illuminated by laser range-finders and target markers.

The LWR combines the use of silicon detectors with wide bandwidth logarithmic amplifiers to give high dynamic range, low noise and a low incidence of false alarms (generated by natural or artificial sources). The design provides a high probability of intercept with the speed that is necessary to implement the appropriate countermeasures.

Spectral resolution using an optional wavelength discriminating unit, is typically 0.1 um, so that the most common military laser types can be identified. Its sensitivity will permit detection of such threats at the limit of their operating ranges, typically several kilometres.

The LWR display unit furnishes a Light Emitting Diode (LED) indication of threat sector plus an audible warning tone.

The LWR is designed for installation in existing or proposed platforms and can be configured to meet particular needs. Extensive flight trialling on a Westland Sea King helicopter has demonstrated the ability of the receiver to detect a ground-based laser beam source rom a variety of heights, angles and distances. Resolution and bearing accuracy were shown to be of a consistently high order.


Prototype systems have been evaluated on a Chieftain MBT of the British Army. As of mid-1999 this laser warning receiver had not entered volume production.

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Series 1220