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More CASSPIRS Ready For Delivery To African Client

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Another consignment of 21 Casspir mine-protected vehicles is ready for handover and shipment to an African client. This forms part of a total order of 45 vehicles of which Denel has already delivered 24 during December 2016.

The total fleet is based on the Denel New Generation Casspir NG2000 Series, a cutting-edge product derived from the well-known and battle-proven Casspir MPV of which more than 3 000 units were manufactured.

The main purpose of the vehicles is to equip a newly established peace support contingent for mainly participation in African Union (AU) peace support missions, says Peter Faro, General Manager of Mechem, a global leader in the detection and destruction of landmines, also designs and manufactures mine-protected vehicles such as the Casspir range of personnel carriers that is in wide use across the world.

The new generation Casspir has improved features but is still affordable, easy to maintain and cost effective to operate. This is the main reason why it is very successful in the market. The drive-train and most components are inter-changeable on the 15 variants on the Casspir base line. The family of vehicles offer a wide spectrum of solutions in a ‘one force concept’ and a real force multiplier for any user in an operational theatre.

The order placed by the client is for the supply of 8 of the 15 variants available on the Casspir platform. It includes troop carriers, ambulances, command and control, cargo, recovery, fire support, as well as water and fuel variants.

“To strengthen Denel’s commitment we have two in country technical representatives who aid and assist the client on all technical matters and facilitate fleet management and support training,” says Faro. This is welcomed by the client given that, in the past, many products were procured and delivered with very limited to no support.

Added to this order of vehicles, Denel also offers training services for drivers and technicians, as well as spares to facilitate repairs from Level 1 to Level 3.

In view of the good relationship between the client and Denel, an opportunity exists for the future supply of a very large quantity of Casspir vehicles based on the various variants, as well as mine-protected logistical trucks that share the same drivetrain and armoured hull. This concept is much welcomed by the user because its cuts down on maintenance and repair costs as well as fleet management.

Faro says the new generation Casspir is doing very well in African markets and the demand is high. Since the opening of the Casspir production in 2010 more than 200 vehicles of various variants were sold to clients in Africa and the United Nations. Currently, Denel enjoys a big interest for local supply and has a current order running for the supply to a local client.


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