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Australian Army Contracts Leonardo DRS For Next-Generation Combat Computing Upgrades

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ARLINGTON, VA -- Leonardo DRS announced today that it will provide the Australian Army with its next-generation platform Battle Management System (BMS) hardware, called the Mounted Family of Computer Systems, or MFoCS, for its M1A1SA main battle tanks and associated combat vehicles.

Leonardo DRS received a direct commercial sale in the amount of $3.1 million for the initial phase of the Australian Army Land 907 BMS program. This is the first order of the MFoCS system by the Australian Army which will provide its armored cavalry units improved connectivity within the Australian Defense Force as well as increased joint U.S. and coalition battle management system interoperability in the field. Leonardo DRS will produce MFoCS systems in its Melbourne, Florida facility and install the system in five locations across Australia.

“Leonardo DRS is proud to provide the proven MFoCS system to the Australian Army for many of its armored cavalry vehicles. We have a long history of providing its land forces with combat-proven hardware for a wide range of platforms,” said Jerry Hathaway, vice president and general manager of DRS Land Electronics business. “MFoCS is the most advanced family of ultra-rugged computers, providing the warfighters of our close allies with this technology gives us the satisfaction of knowing they have the right equipment to ensure mission success on the battlefield,” Hathaway said.

The upgrade to MFoCS with dismountable tablets and rugged sunlight-readable touch-screen displays, will give users the capability to support, not only systems like Blue Force Tracking, but provides commanders with numerous options that provide increased joint, U.S., and coalition interoperability.

MFoCS units are being installed across U.S. military services including aircraft, wheeled and tracked vehicles, tactical operations centers, and other mission command platforms. MFoCS was developed and produced based on knowledge and experience gained through over 18 years of delivering mission critical computing components for such programs as FBCB2, JBC-P, BFT, Movement Tracking System (MTS) Logistics as well as the UK Army Bowman program. Leonardo DRS has fielded more than 300,000 BMS computing and display systems worldwide.

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