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RAFAEL Introduces Personal Ceramic Armor Especially Designed For The Modern Soldier

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Haifa, -- RAFAEL Armament Development Authority Ltd. has received an order valued at $2.2M for ultra lightweight personal ceramic armor intended to protect the individual soldier on the modern battlefield.

Developed by RAFAEL, this unique armor is made of boron carbide, one of the hardest materials known and has the ability to defend against high velocity projectiles at a lower cost than that of its competitors.

During extensive ballistic testing carried out both in Israel and abroad, RAFAEL's boron carbide ceramic tiles encased in polyethylene withstood all threats and fulfilled requirements previously indicated by interested customers.

This new technology enables the use of ceramic armor not only for personal armor, but for the protection of vehicles and helicopters as well.

According to RAFAEL's figures, this ceramic technology will lead RAFAEL to new markets with sales worth tens of millions of dollars.


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RAFAEL Armament Development Authority Ltd.

RAFAEL Ordnance Systems Division


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