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LEOPARD 2 PSO Peace Support Operation

Category: Future Technologies

Krauss-Maffei Wegmann is designing a new version of the LEOPARD 2 MBT for Peace Support Operations (PSO), intended for peacemaking and peacekeeping deployments. The future vehicle is claimed to feature higher military assertiveness, sustainability, mobility, and protection.

It will be a tank that is suitable for use in both built-up and non-built-up terrain. KMW presented the first demo LEOPARD 2 PSO - mainly financed from its own funds - at the 2006 Eurosatory.

The new LEOPARD 2 variant concentrates on those components that allow it to accomplish assignments in urban areas and asymmetric threats. They include highly effective all-round protection, a secondary weapon station that is operable under protection, an option for equipping with non-lethal effective means, a high-performance camera system for close observation, an enhanced reconnaissance ability, search light and a dozer-blade for barricade removal.

The LEOPARD 2 PSO also has additional components making it highly suitable for deployment in urban areas under all climatic conditions. It has a high-performance cooling unit, APU (auxiliary power unit), and modern guiding systems.

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09:41 04.07.2006

Les allemands seulement imitent le char Leclerc AZUR (Action en Zone URban).

12:17 10.07.2006

They didn't introduce anything new in this design. I don't think they will make a hit with their potential customers. They are just trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

11:26 11.07.2006

KMW is the world's leader in tank manufacturing. Everything they offer is the best.

11:29 12.07.2006

Yeps, they are second to none, except the Japanese Hi-Tech.

14:58 17.07.2006

The Japanese copied the German Leopard-2 design and layout in their Type 90 MBT. They are lagging behing Germans in armour technology.

22:16 01.08.2006

I disagree that KMW is the best - the Leopard 2, when compared to the Abrams 2, T-90, Challenger 2 peformed only 2nd best to the Challenger, except in terms of mobilty. and as to NOVO's point - everyone is lagging behind Vickers and the Chobham - Type 90 and Leopards are still using Rolled Steel plate.

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