DARPA readies Big Dog for the battlefield

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency calls it the LS3, for Legged Squad Support System. The robotic mule, dubbed "Big Dog", is under development at DARPA.

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Northrop Grumman Launches Next Generation of Wheelbarrow Bomb Disposal Vehicle

LONDON -- Northrop Grumman Corporation has launched the latest enhanced version of its industry-leading Wheelbarrow unmanned ground vehicle for the remote handling and surveillance of hazardous threats.

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Northrop Grumman Remotec Delivers Heavy-Duty Robot to Los Angeles Police Department

CLINTON, Tenn. -- Northrop Grumman Corporation subsidiary Remotec Inc. and its partner Autonomous Solutions Inc. have delivered a stronger, heavier and more capable robot to the Los Angeles Police Department, allowing officers to perform more missions more safely.

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iRobot Delivers 3,000th PackBot Tactical Mobile Robot

BEDFORD, Mass. -- iRobot Corp. announced that it has delivered its 3,000th PackBot tactical mobile robot. First introduced in 2002, the iRobot PackBot allows warfighters and public safety professionals to investigate suspicious objects and other dangerous scenarios from a safe standoff distance.

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Autonomous Solutions to Develop 3D Visualization System for MTRS Talon

LOGAN, UT -- Autonomous Solutions today announced it has begun a program with the EOD Robotics Group at ARDEC (Picatinny Arsenal, NJ) to transition its real-time 3D visualization technology to the MTRS Talon.

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QinetiQ`s Dragon Runner robots are sent to Afghanistan to support British troops

Responding to an urgent operational requirement QinetiQ, a leading international supplier of military robots, today announced that it has been awarded contracts by the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) to supply approaching 100 Dragon Runner robots, associated spares and technical services to support of current military operations in Afghanistan.

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Robots Get Personal

London , United Kingdom -- As soldiers take up secure positions behind a wall, they deploy a small reconnaissance team – a very small one. Some hopping, some flying, the stealthy autonomous reconnaissance squad vanishes into a suspicious building for several minutes, then relays the all-clear back to its relieved partners outside.

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G-NIUS Unveils: Guardium™ LS, A Logistic Support Variant of the Guardium™ UGV Family

Guardium™ LS incorporates lessons learned during operational deployment of the Guardium™ UGV by the Israeli Defense Forces.

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iRobot Receives Order from the U.S. Army for $35.3 Million

BEDFORD, Mass. -- iRobot Corp. today announced that it received an order for $35.3 million from the U.S. Army TACOM Contracting Center in Warren, Mich.

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G-NIUS, the Elbit Systems and IAI JV, to Develop Next-Generation UGV - Nahshon - for the Israeli Defense Forces

New unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) will offer improved operational flexibility and performance and will provide combat support.

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Boeing to Demonstrate Ground Robotics Capabilities at US Army Rodeo

ST. LOUIS -- The Boeing Company will demonstrate its ground robotics capabilities at the U.S. Army`s first Robotics Rodeo, to be held Sept. 1-3 at Fort Hood, Texas. The event is sponsored by the Army`s Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) and Fort Hood`s III Corps.

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Australian Defence Force selects QinetiQ's TALON robots

QinetiQ Group PLC, a leading international provider of technology-based services and solutions, has secured a AUS$23 million contract from the Australian Department of Defence for TALON robots and replacement parts to support Australian Defence Forces deployed on operations.

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Kit Now Available to 'Roboticize' Bobcat SJC Loaders

McLean, Va. -- QinetiQ North America, makers of the TALON® robots used extensively to defuse roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan, announced a new large-scale robotic capability today that it has developed jointly with Bobcat Company, manufacturer of Bobcat® compact loaders, in response to the increasing size and lethality of roadside bombs and IEDs (improvised explosive devices).

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QinetiQ robots deal should help cut transport delays

Following a successful series of trials, QinetiQ is now working alongside key government partners to deliver a robot based service that is being used to help fight fires and support other major incidents – particularly if acetylene gas cylinders are involved which can become highly unstable – thereby protecting fire fighters plus helping minimise disruption to travellers by reducing resulting delays on major transport systems in and around London.

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New technology to neutralise improvised explosive devices

The Minister for Defence Science and Personnel the Hon. Warren Snowdon MP, today unveiled a new robot called SPIKER designed to counter improvised explosive devices (IED).

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