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British Army training develops personnel who are effective in every aspect of operations undertaken by modern forces. Alongside military strength and capability, the training creates functional specialists and skilled decision makers. As well as training military skills, conflict prevention and peace support operations are areas of expertise in which we provide training.

The British Army welcomes international students on a full range of individual, collective and combined arms training, and also provides training to civilians deploying on humanitarian missions.

British Army Training in Action

Students are immersed in the ethos and doctrine that makes the British Army respected around the globe. War fighting and peacekeeping demand a moral, as well as military, strength which is firmly entrenched in the training system. Best practice in the use and maintenance of equipment is integral to the training. The ability to apply appropriate levels of force is carefully developed. Eligibility for continuation training, so that students may develop their specialist knowledge and skills beyond initial courses, is built into the scheduling available to international students.

Single International Focal Point

International Defence Training (Army) is the single focal point for training to the international community. We provide information, organise course placement, and look after the welfare of the students during their stay in UK. Students and their home countries can therefore rest assured of a high level of service and attention.

Training in the UK

Training in the UK often provides the ultimate in long term benefit for international students. Here they are immersed in the traditions of the British Army, learning battlefield effectiveness, strategy, logistics, languages, technical and equipment support, administration and leadership.

Training in Country

Overseas Training Teams can be deployed in country as a solution to an identified skill shortage. An Overseas Training Team is a group of highly skilled professionals who are brought together in order to meet specific requirements. The teams can instruct in almost any of the disciplines taught in the UK, where equipment or resource restraints allow. They assess requirement and provide practical training in line with the latest British Army doctrine and teaching techniques.

Bespoke Training

Bespoke courses offer development of military capability under specific conditions. Students take home with them the insight of British Army expertise applied to their own environments. Bespoke packages are developed after exact requirements are determined by our specialist training teams, the aim being for experts to assess the requirement accurately, and then use their resources and expertise to provide a custom made solution.

Training Resources

British Army training is respected around the world because of its access to advanced technology and a wide range of facilities and terrain. Training Schools are staffed by dedicated men and women who are adept at communicating their skills and are tasked to inspire excellence from every student using field tested methods. Training courses are focussed to develop the skills and breadth of knowledge that a modern force needs to operate in a wide variety of environments.

Train with the Best

The reputation of the British Army speaks for itself. We have unparalleled experience in the range of deployments all services, whether military or civilian, can expect to undertake. We have the resources and dedicated instructional staff to enable your capability to be powerful, accurate, disciplined and effective.

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