The SDTP Foundation (Defense Services and Processes Technologies Foundation)

Type of activity:
Design, Research, Consultancy & Training Services
Contact: Paulo Hegedus, Presidente

Rua Visconde de Piraja,
330 Grupo 601
22410-000 Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Phone: + 55 21 2521-1216
Fax: +5521 2521-1216

The SDTP Foundation (Defense Services and Processes Technologies Foundation) is an institution without lucrative aim who has the purpose to contribute with the continuous improvement of the institutions and the knowledge, related to the development of the country, and as a mission, the research investment and application of technologies and processes for public and private institutions acting on strategic areas, especially the ones related to defense, civil aviation (air traffic, airport infra-structure and aerial transport} and the environment. The SDTP Foundation began their activities in October 2002. General objectives: - To promote the accomplishment of studies, researches of technical development and/or economical character - institutions finance provider. Organizations and companies, of public or private right; - To render services of technical nature that generates new products and services of high joined value; - To promote the formation and the improvement of human resources; - To contribute with the scientific-technological knowledge, collaborating with the Academical institutions, study centers and researches and other public and private similar entities; and - To collaborate with national or foreign institutions, public or private, who has similar purposes to the objectives established above. Permanent objectives: To collaborate with public and private institutions responsible for the development of the national industry, particularly the materials and defense services and the aerospace, as well as the civil aviation, air traffic and airport infra-structure.

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