Samsung Techwin (STW), Defense Program Division

Type of activity:
Armoured Vehicles
Contact: Haseob Kim

14FL, Samsung Yeoksam Bldg,
647-9 Yeoksam-dong,
Seoul 135-980

Phone: +82 2 3467 7691
Fax: +82 2 3467 7660

Starting with the aircraft engine business in 1977, SAMSUNG TECHWIN has conducted nation-wide and industrywide important businesses related to high-technology industries.

Samsung Techwin transferred its existing aircraft manufacturing businesses to Korea Aerospace Industries (a domestic integrated business entity) in 1999 and currently concentrates on the high-technology industry, including semiconductor system, opto-electronics, engine business and special businesses related to national defense.

Regrading aircraft engine, Samsung Techwin has a variety of business areas from engine repair & overhaul (J79, J85, J69, T56/501D, A250, F100, T53, T55, T700), parts manufacturing to engine production such as T700 engine for UH-60 Blackhawk, Model 250 engine For MD500, J85 engine for F-5 Freedom Fighter and F100 engine for F-16 Fighting Falcon. With foundation on those areas, we are to expand our business by manufacturing industrial turbo machineries as well including turbo charger and turbo compressor to be a internationally known company specialized in aircraft and industrial engines.

Samsung Techwin's involvement in the defense industry goes beyond aircraft to include artillery and combat engineering vehicles for the ROK Army. Recently K9 Thunder, new 155mm/52 caliber self-propelled howitzer, has been designed to be the best of artillery systems for the 21st century. The system is equipped with state-of-the-art mechatronics, upgraded power pack and an armored chassis. It will provide maximum survivability and lethality in

the battlefield.

In the new millennium, Samsung Techwin will continuously progress as a top-ranking, profitable, and high-tech company, focusing on engines, special businesses, digital optics and semiconductor systems.

Samsung Techwin, by concentrating major effort on the R&D and mass production for the defense industry since its establishment in 1977, has played a significant role in supporting world peace and security. Samsung Techwin is making efforts for developing state-of-the-art weapons and has produced the 155mm M109A2 self-propelled howitzers, Fire Direction Center Vehicles, Field Ammunition Resupply Vehicles, M9 Armored Combat Earthmovers, Combat Multi-purpose Excavators and Amphibious Assault Vehicles. Thanks to the successful development of the K9 Thunder, 155mm/52 caliber self-propelled howitzer, 1998 was an epoch-making year to leap into the high-level technology world. It is equipped with state-of-the-art automatic fire control system and automatic ammunition handling system, which enables deep supporting fire with over 40 km of maximum range, a burst rate of fire of 3 rounds within 15 seconds, and a maximum rate of fire of 6-8 rounds/min. Its steel armour structure provides the occupants with protection from medium caliber small arms and 155mm high explosive shell fragments.

Samsung Techwin has already secured the core technology of an artillery system through independent research and development of the world's best defense equipment with some 200 top engineers at its R&D Center. In the area of artillery system, it has a complete range of manufacturing capabilities including design, development, production and life cycle management. Behind its twenty year heritage in defense business is a commitment to provide high quality, high value products and services to domestic and foreign customers.

Samsung Techwin is continuously pursuing the newest technology and plays a significant role in supporting world peace and security by providing the finest defense equipments for our allied nations as well as Korea.

AARV (Ammunition resupply vehicle)
EVO-105 (Self-propelled howitzer)
FDCV (Command vehicle)
K10 (Ammunition resupply vehicle)
K9 Thunder (Self-propelled howitzer)
KAAV (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
KM 109A2 (Self-propelled howitzer)
M1978 (Self-propelled howitzer)
MPV (Command vehicle)
RWS (Remote controlled weapon station)
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K9 Thunder (Self-propelled howitzer) 48
Feb 2017
(Dec 2024)
K9 Thunder (Self-propelled howitzer) 120
Dec 2014
(Dec 2022)
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