Manufacturer: Hanwha Techwin CO. LTD.  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Tracked armoured personnel carrier  

Korea Amphibious Assault Vehicle(KAAV)

Korea Amphibious Assault Vehicle(KAAV) is designed to meet the tactical requirements of Marine Corps in 21 century's warfare. Since its introduction, the KAAV has undergone a series of modifications and upgrade programs which earned the reputation as the finest amphibious assault vehicle in the world.

KAAV7A1 family of vehicles now being coproduced by Samsung Techwin and BAE systems is the most advanced version of the AAV7/LVT7.

KAAV7A1 provides an effective fire-power and state-of-the-art armor protection, command, control, and repair capabilities while transporting troops and cargo from ship to shore. In addition, the vehicle has the ability to negotiate 3-meter plunging surf, difficult beaches, and rough terrain.


The unique vessel-shaped hull design, powerful water jet and power train make KAAV7A1 Family a highly mobile fleets of amphibious vehicle. They travel 13km/h in the water and 72km/h on the land enabling them to achieve effective ship to shore transporting operations in a variety of adverse sea/land conditions.


The all-welded aluminum hull of KAAV7A1 protects the crew from small arms fire, shell splinters and flash-bums.

To suppress residual penetration of shaped-charge ammunitions, the state-of-the-art enhanced applique armor (EAAK) has been added to the hull. Other improvements on KAAV7A1 which add to vehicle survivability is the installation of auto fire suppression and NBC protection system.

Fire power

KAAVP7A1 is equipped with a new upgunned weapon station that is more reliable and provide greater fire-power than previous models. It mounts an MK19 40mm grenade launcher(K4) and Cal. 50 machine gun(K6) in coaxial mount. The weapon station allows the gunner to engage targets out to 1,500 meters and to traverse a full 360o at a speed of 45o per second.


400HP turbocharged multifuel,liquid cooled V8 diesel engine.


HS-400-3A1 automatic transmission combines shifting, steering and braking functions in one unit.


ballistic steel EAAK armor panels in wave form enhance protection level of the aluminum hull


flat track torsion bar suspension system with heavy-duty shock absorbers-permits greater road arm travel providing a smooth ride for the troops over rough terrain.

fire power

360 degree traversing turret with mounted 40mm grenade launcher and caliber.50 machine gun

bow plane

hydraulically operated bow plane provides stability and trim during water operations

KAAV7A1 family of vehicles

The improvements incorporated in KAAVP7A1 represent an impressive upgraded performance. The P7A1 carries a crew of three plus 21 combat-equipped troops or 4,536kg of cargo from ship to shore. Effective fire-power is provided by the new upgunned weapon station, and the addition of applique armor, an automatic fire suppression system, bow plane and improved transmission results in a vehicle with superior capabilities. In order to achieve commonality, the improvements developed for the P7A1 have also been adapted to the C7A1 and R7A1.

The C7A1 is a mobile command post for the maneuver element commander and also provides a means to communicate with other units, supporting arms, and logistical support units.

The communication system modification is a new state-of -the art design which provides totally secure voice communication. work stations and direct access to the communication system is provided for nine staff persons.

The R7A1 enables vehicles recovery and maintenance functions to be accomplished in the field. Principal equipment includes a hydraulic telescoping crane with 2,721kg(6,000ib) capacity, a 13,605kg (30,000ib) capacity recovery winch, plus cutting, welding, and other portable maintenance equipment.

Up-grade program

Service Life Extension Program

This program offers the opportunity to extend the use of these highly versatile and valuable vehicles well into the 21st century by upgrading the existing vehicle systems to meet the demand of combat mission in the future.

The hull and various other components are remanufactured and refurbished, while at the same time new technology advancements in engine and transmission design, firepower, and survivability and reliability factors are incorporated.

Property Value
Weight (kg)
Max. road speed (km/h)
Max. water speed (km/h)

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