D-30 HR M94

Manufacturer: Agencija Alan d.o.o.  
Product type: Weapons & Weapon Systems  
Name: Towed howitzer  

This RH ALAN 122 mm howitzer D-30 HR M94 is almost identical to the Russian 122 mm D-30 towed weapon and is used for general fire support. It should be noted that RH ALAN is an export marketing organisation and that it does not manufacture the weapons.


According to RH ALAN, its 122 mm howitzer D-30 HR M94 has the following modifications when compared to the original Russian D-30 towed weapon:

  • The original slotted muzzle brake has been replaced by a new double-baffle muzzle brake

  • The fixed trail leg has been redesigned and parts of the braking system and electrical installations are fitted onto it

  • On the prototype a sighting device with a scale division 360 (=6,000 mils) was retained, whereas on the serial production weapons a sighting device with a scale division 360 (=6,400 mils) has been fitted together with the mechanisms that enable simple use of firing tables according to NATO standards

  • For handling of the weapon in the firing position, a manual hydraulic firing jack is fitted which enables the turning of the weapon with deployed trail legs

  • The hydraulic recoil brake is of a single-chamber design with a hydraulic compensator placed inside the hydraulic brake cylinder. The standard production Russian 122 mm D-30 weapon had a compensator outside the hydraulic brake which RH ALAN claims to be unreliable

The 122 mm ordnance consists of a monobloc barrel, with a high-efficiency double-baffle muzzle brake and collars are used for suspension on slides on the cradle. A semi-automatic vertical wedge-type breech block enables a high rate of fire to be achieved.

The counter-recoil system, which consists of a hydraulic brake, compensator and hydropneumatic recuperator, are accommodated in the cradle of the weapon.

The transition from travelling into the firing position and vice versa is readily and quickly made by means of a hydraulic jack mounted under the carriage. For manoeuvring in the firing position, an auxiliary wheel is attached to the towing lunette mounted under the muzzle brake.

A well trained crew can bring the 122 mm howitzer D-30 HR M94 into action in 1.5 to 2.5 minutes. The 122 mm howitzer D-30 HR M94 is normally manned by a six-man crew plus the section commander.

For towing, a vehicle fitted with a standard hook is used. This vehicle must have a payload of at least 3 tonnes and tow a trailer with a loaded weight of at least 3.30 tonnes. Maximum towing speed of the 122 mm howitzer D-30 M94 is quoted as 60 km/h.

When the weapon is elevated from -5 to +18 it can be traversed through a full 360, but when elevated from +18 to +70 traverse is limited to between two of the trails.

The 122 mm D-30 HR M94 fires ammunition of the separate loading type, for example projectile and charge with reduced, variable and full-type propellant charges. Maximum operating pressure of the ammunition must not exceed 2,600 bars and stated rate of fire is between 7 and 8 rds/min.

As well as the normal natures of 122 mm ammunition, a locally developed family of separate loading (projectile and charge) ammunition has been developed for this weapon and its foreign equivalent weapons.

Two standard natures of 122 mm projectile are manufactured in Croatia, the TF462 and the M76. The former has a maximum range of 15,300 m and the latter a maximum range of 17,133 m. In addition there is the M95 HE round that has a maximum range of 16,000 m with a full charge and 17,133 m with super charge.

In addition, there are two extended-range high-explosive locally developed 122 mm projectiles, the ER 122 and the ER BB 122. The former is of the Extended Range Full Bore (ERFB) type with nubs and has a maximum range of 16,530 m with full charge and 17,630 m with super charge.

The ERFB ER BB 122 is similar and has a base bleed (BB) unit attached, this has a maximum range of 18,850 m with full charge and 20,050 m with super charge.


According to RH ALAN, the carriage can also be fitted with 100 or 105 mm barrels and the former is in service in Croatia in the coastal defence role. As far as it is known, this has not been produced in quantity.

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D-30 HR M94