Metro Koats Technology - MKT

Type of activity:
Protection Systems
Contact: Yusseri Said, Managing Director

16, Jalan BS 7/12,
Taman Perindustrian Bukit Serdang,
43300 Sri Kembangan,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Phone: +603 8943 9166
Fax: +603 8943 7587

Modern military warfare is increasingly becoming sophisticated and is the result of many technological advances made.These advances, both in weaponary and reconnaissance have made many early conventional strategies and tactics unavailing. The need for more efficient ways of counteracting these new weapons and in deceiving the aggressor is vital to the security of a nation.Today's ultra modern forces will face an array of high technology multi-spectra sensor systems from surveillance satellites right down to small portable devices for personnel uses.These devices can easily see through conventional camouflage therefore, surprise is more difficult to achieve today but is all the more important. Without it, superiority at the decisive point on the modern battlefield is hardly conceivable.

Metro KoatsTechnology (MKT) has rise up to the challenge by specialising in camouflage products for tactical military usages.The range of products designed and manufactured by MKT are namely:

Near-infrared paint (tropicalised)

Full multi-spectra camouflage nets

Complete 3 colour face-paint kit

Near-infrared paint for tyres

Windscreen camouflage

Multi-spectra personnel suit

These products serve to provide a complete TOTAL CAMOUFLAGING SYSTEM. As our paint combined with tyre, windscreen, and camouflage net functions seamlessly together to provide a complete multi-spectra camouflage capability to hardware. Personnel in the vicinity can merge in together with the camouflage system by using our face-paint and multi-spectra personnel suit.

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