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The variable rate of fire, multi-barrel, multi-calibre capabilities of Metal Storm technology has potential for numerous military applications, ranging from small arms to heavy calibre, as well as unconventional weapons systems of advantage, which are not presently available with existing mechanical systems.

The technology also has potential for the development of a new generation of weapons, for example, Metal Storm modules could be utilised in:

  • vehicle and ship self-defence

  • repeatable active armour

  • gun-capable unmanned combat aerial vehicles

  • out-of-atmosphere ballistic missile interdiction

  • biological and chemical cloud neutralisation

  • anti-cruise missile systems

Of the very large number of applications that have been identified for development in the future, the following prototype products are presently being developed for military and law enforcement evaluation:

AICW - an advanced individual combat weapon, equipped with a Metal Storm barrel using a range of projectiles including air bursting and kinetic rounds ( see announcement 29 May 2001)

ADWS - an advanced area denial and anti-personnel minefield replacement system

O'Dwyer VLe - a totally personalised, high performance 100% electronic handgun with access-limiting features.

ADWS (Grenade launcher)
AICW (Grenade launcher)
FireStorm (Grenade launcher)
Redback (Remote controlled weapon station)
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