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09:38 11.08.2006

...the 'tank capital' of India is Chennai (this city used to be called Madras).

11:47 14.08.2006

...according to the ancient Indian laws of Manu, the warriors occupied the second place in the social structure of society, being inferior only to the brahmins.

09:59 18.08.2006 the times of the first crusade, a knight's coat of mail weighed twelve to fifteen kilograms and consisted of more than thirty thousand metallic ringlets.

11:23 21.08.2006

...the scandalous ancient Roman emperor Caligula stayed during a part of his childhood in the military camps of the Roman army, and, apparently, this did not do him good (by the way, Caligula means 'boot' when a boy, the future emperor frequently wore the tiny soldier foot-wear specially made for him, for which he was given his nickname).

10:57 28.08.2006

...the accuracy of fire of an anti-tank gun is comparable with that of a sniper's rifle.

09:03 29.08.2006

...when firing, a 155mm howitzer achieves a power output that is comparable with that of a small power station.

13:55 01.09.2006

...Julius Caesar gained his reputation of a person capable of doing several things simultaneously only due to the fact that, during a military raid he dictated four letters at the same time. In so doing, both Caesar and his scribes were riding their horses.

09:06 04.09.2006

...the most comprehensive publication about the Soviet/Russian armoured vehicles is the book 'Soviet/Russian Armor and Artillery Design Practices: 1945 to Present' written by Andrew Hull, David Markov and Steven Zaloga, and published in 1999.

09:41 08.09.2006

...according to a recent report prepared by the U.S. defense secretary's Cost Analysis Improvement Group, building and operating the Future Combat Systems - the U.S. Army's planned family of new armoured vehicles, UAVs and communications networks - could ultimately cost $300 billion.

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