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09:46 08.09.2006

...although in all appearances America's friend and trading partner, Russia has embarked on an aggressive campaign to steal U.S. secrets, seeking information on American developments in ballistic missile defence systems, space-based weapons, and stealth technology.

10:23 11.09.2006

...Kemal Ataturk used to say that he was not the person who would doubt whether to spend the money on the army or not, because Turkey may have money or may have not, but it must have an army.

10:24 18.09.2006

...when driving T-55 or T-62 battle tanks for 100 km in hot climate (like Afghanistan), drivers lose up to several kilograms of their body weight.

10:36 18.10.2006

...the king Friedrich the Second (Frederick the Great) of Prussia allowed his soldiers but not his officers to call him by his first name.

16:02 24.10.2006

...the ancient Russian ruler Sviatoslav participated in a battle for the first time when he was only three years old, and during the battle, sitting on horseback, he was the first in the Russian army to throw his spear at the enemy. Sviatoslav being so little, however, his spear, according to the historians, just 'flew between his horse's ears and fell between his horse's front legs'.

12:52 25.10.2006

...there is a saying: Offending a military man is like offending a child.

11:16 26.10.2006

...the 'father' of the British battle tank construction was Colonel E.W. Swinton.

10:47 01.11.2006

...the king of Denmark condemned the invention of the machine-gun, saying that this weapon could "ruin my kingdom in half an hour of fire".

09:56 06.11.2006

...the main battle tank shooting range of Greece is situated near the Olympus mountain, and when the tanks shoot, their projectiles hit the foot of the mountain that used to be inhabited by gods.

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