Manufacturer: IVECO S.p.A., Defence Vehicles Division  
Product type: Auxiliary Vehicles  
Name: Truck  

IVECO's EuroCargo and EuroTrakker ranges of trucks are commercial designs militarised to varying degrees to suit specific operator requirements. Layout and design are conventional and both ranges use only commercially available and proven driveline components, the majority of which are manufactured in-house.

The EuroTrakker is the heavier of the two ranges and is available in two-, three- or four-axle chassis and in a variety of drive configurations. GVWs range from 20 to 42 tonnes. HETs with GCWs of up to 72 tonnes for a three-axle tractor and 121 tonnes for a four-axle tractor are also available.

EuroTrakker-range trucks are powered by IVECO Cursor 8 or 13

turbocharged and interceded water-cooled diesel engines developing between 352hp and 540hp; and up to 800hp for HETs.

The EuroCargo range of two-axle rigid chassis are of lighter construction and have less powerful engines than comparable trucks in the heavier-duty EuroTrakker range. GVWs range from eight to 14 tonnes. IVECO turbocharged and intercooled water-cooled diesel engines developing 129-275hp power the EuroCargo range trucks.

Gearbox options across the ranges consist primarily of ZF units and include manual or EuroTronic options.

An Allison fully automatic option is also available.

Both ranges feature a conventional C-section design chassis, and leaf-sprung beam-type axles. Air suspension is an option on some EuroTrakker models and an applique armour kit is available for both ranges and has been fitted to some German-supplied EuroTrakker 8x8 fuel tankers.

Crew-cab options are also available. A small number of vehicles with a collapsible soft-top cab have been produced for Malaysia.

Both truck ranges can be transported aboard wide-body aircraft.

IVECO also produces a tactical range of trucks (see next entry), the purpose-designed MMV range of high-mobility 4x4 tactical trucks with payloads ranging from four to 6.9 tonnes and the 40.13 (previously the 40.10/.12) 1.5-tonne light truck.

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