Manufacturer: Alenia Marconi Systems (AMS)  
Product type: Optronic Countermeasure Systems  
Name: Laser warning system  


Under contract to the Italian Ministry of Defence, Marconi Defence Systems Division has developed a range of laser warning systems including the RALM/01 (airborne), RALM/02 (ground), RALM/P (precision laser warning receiver for ground and naval applications) and the RALM/I (infra-red laser warning receiver for airborne, ground and naval applications).

The RALM/02 is already in service with the Italian Army installed on the 120 mm armed Ariete MBT and 105 mm armed Centauro (8 x 8) heavy armoured card/ tank destroyer with first production units delivered in 1994.

This system consists of an electronics package, combined control box and laser warning display and the single sensor head which is normally mounted on the forward part of the turret roof to give full 360° coverage.

The system can detect and classify the laser threat, instantly alert the crew and automatically activate the most appropriate countermeasure system installed on the vehicle.


Production. In service with the Italian Army. There are no known exports of this system.

Included in:
Product Amount
C1 Ariete (Main battle tank)
CENTAURO (Reconnaissance Vehicle)

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