Manufacturer: Oshkosh Defense, LLC  
Product type: Running Gear  
Name: Suspension  

TAK-4 Independent Suspension System

Improved off-road capability. Increased payload. Unmatched combat performance.

Oshkosh Truck' patented TAK-4 suspension allows for faster stopping, better cornering, and is far more off-road capable than most straight-axle vehicles. It is combat-tested and combat-proven, having demonstrated proven performance in both Iraq and Afghanistan theaters.

TAK-4 Delivers:

  • Improved ride quality

  • Better maneuverability

  • Reduced braking

  • Less maintenance.

Oshkosh Truck's patented TAK-4 Independent Suspension System has experienced tremendous success on more than 8,000 tactical trucks since its introduction on the Marine Corps MTVR (Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement ) in 1998. That success has also been proven on thousands of custom fire trucks built by our fire truck subsidiary, Pierce.

Included in:
Product Amount
Cougar H 4x4 (Mine protected carrier)
L-ATV/JLTV (Mine protected carrier)
M-ATV (Mine protected carrier)
MTVR (Truck)

Last Contracts:
Qnt Customer Value Add Date
(Close Date)
Unit cost
Apr 2009
(Dec 2010)
Average Unit Cost:  

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