Red Shield 2/GL5

Manufacturer: NORINCO - China North Industries Group Corporation - CNGC  
Product type: Protection Systems  
Name: Active protection system  

Red Shield 2 active protection system for main battle tanks and armoured vehicles is a fully automatic, intelligent active protection system. It is comprised of detection devices, missile-interception equipment and launcher. It is intended to realize active protection for main battle tanks and armoured vehicles to effectively intercept anti-tank missiles, RPGs so as to improve greatly the field survivability. It is also adopted as the last phase protection means for high-value facilities such as communication station, missile launching well and command center, etc.


  • Automatic working function: When the Red Shield 2 is switched on, it is able to perform the whole process of target detection, information processing, intercept projectile launch, target destruction automatically, without human interference

  • Real-time target detection : Red Shield 2 is able to search target within a distance of 100m. When target is acquired, it starts to track it automatically and measures the speed, distance, angle of targets accurately

  • Fire control and trajectory resolution: Red Shield 2 establishes target trajectory with real-time target data acquired, thus calculates target projectile encounter position and resolves the fire control parameters and generates ignition order to intercept projectile so that realize launch of projectile at right time to intercept the target

  • Real-time interception: It is able to damage, destruct or detonate the incoming targets effectively at a distance of 10m±1.5m


  • Operating mode: Automatic, intelligent, all-time and 3-dimensional protection

  • Target type: Anti-tank missile, RPG

  • Target detection range: >100m

  • Target intercept range: 10m

  • Protection area: 360°, 3-dimensional

  • Length of whole system: <400 mm

  • Number of tubes: 12

Included in:
Product Amount
VT4 MBT3000 (Main battle tank)

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Red Shield 2/GL5
Red Shield 2/GL5
Red Shield 2/GL5
Red Shield 2/GL5
Red Shield 2/GL5