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Iraqi Counter Terrorism Commander to Present at Defense Conference in Washington Next Month

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Washington, D.C. -- New-Fields Exhibitions, organizers of the 5th Iraq Aviation and Defense Summit (IADS), announced today that LTG Taleb Al-Kenani, Director General of the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Bureau (CTB), has confirmed to talk about the the Iraqi Counter Terrorism policy and Strategy, answer questions, and conduct one-on-one meetings with delegates at IADS, a two-day summit on July 22-23 in Washington, D.C.

Other high ranking officers and senior Iraqi government officials confirmed to speak at the 5th IADS include:

  • General Anwer Ahmed, Iraqi Air Force Commander, Ministry of Defense

  • MG Faisal Ghdban, Chief of Staff, Iraqi Air Force, Ministry of Defense

  • Omar Adnan Huren Al- Huttaitawi, Director General, State Ministry of National Security Affairs

  • Hameed Rashed , Director General of Political Security, State Ministry of National Security Affairs

  • Staff MG Ali Hadi, Director M5 Strategy & Plans, Iraqi Joint Head Quarters

  • Staff MG Kareem Mohammed Salloom Al-daffaie, Minister Advisor for Logistics Affairs, Ministry of Defense

  • General Ahmed Hashem, Commander of Baghdad Operations Center Command, Prime Ministers Office

  • LTG Riyadh Jalal Tawffeeq, Deputy Commander, Iraq Ground ForcesCommand

  • BG Shihab Ali, Commanding General of Air Surveillances, Ministry of Defense

  • BG Shwan Mudher Ali, Director of Air Logistics, Ministry of Defense

  • BG Scott Hanson, Director of the Iraqi Training & Advisory Mission

  • Saad Yousif, Political Advisor, National Security Council

  • Hamza Shareef, Director General (International Policy), National Security Council

  • Dr. Adnan Blebil, Director General, Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority

  • Stafford Clarry, Director General, Erbil International Airport

The officials will give first-hand insights on the following important organizations:

  • Coalition Military Assistance Training Team, organizes, trains, and equips the Iraqi Army

  • Civilian Police Assistance Training Team, organizes, trains, and equips the Iraqi Police

  • Coalition Army Advisory Training Team, builds the Iraqi Army

  • Coalition Air Force Transition Team, builds the Iraqi Air Force

  • Maritime Strategic Transition Team, supports the Iraqi Navy, Marines and Coast Guard

  • Civilian Police Assistance Training Team, builds Iraqi police agencies

  • Intelligence Transition Team, builds military and police information organizations

  • Iraqi National Counter-Terrorism Task Force, assists Iraqi special operations

  • Security Assistance Office, assists purchase of equipment and overseas training

  • Joint Headquarters Assistance Team, advises the Iraqi Joint Headquarters

  • Ministry of Defense Transition Team, advises the Ministry of Defense staff

One-to-One Meetings

Scheduled one-to-one meetings with Iraqi officials and panel presentations will provide you insights and analysis of the current challenges facing Iraq Aviation, Security and Defense.

Scheduled meetings are on First-come, first-served basis.


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Iraqi Minister for National Security to Present at Defense Conference in Washington this July


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