Country data

US$ 1,661,000.00
US$ 339,900.00
US$ 346,500.00
Balance of foreign trade:
US$ 6,600.00
US$ 882,800.00
Defence budget:
US$ 38,000.00
2,3% of GDP
GDP per capita:
US$ 27,488.98
Defence budget per military:
US$ 86,799.81

Armee de Terre


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Ministere de la Defense


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4 Bis Rue de La Porte D'lssy

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  Contact: Marylene Teulier

As the defense procurement agency, the Delegation de L 'Armament (DGA) deigns defense systems and assigns their production in close cooperation with the forces and with the industry. DGA helps building a consistent and efficient defense tool by providing all range of equipment to the armed forces. DGA's mission includes the following: preparing future Defense Systems, conducting armament programs, providing scientific and technical expertise, testing and evaluating Defense equipment and systems, ensuring industrial maintenance and modernization of aeronautical equipment, supervising international relations in the area of armament. Reporting directly to the French Minister of Defense, DGA plays a significant role as an architect of the Defense system and handles some one hundred armament programmes simultaneously. It manages around 70% of the overall equipment budget of the MoD. In 2001, DGA submitted orders to the industry worth W.2 billions in invoices. DGA currently employs 18000 staff through 30 facilities in France, among them 20 test and evaluation centers. DGA plays a major role in building in a coherent armament policy in Europe. It develops armament relationships with allied countries and support export initiatives within the armament industry, favoring industrial cooperation with local partners.

Trade companies

Production companies

Product in service
155 AUF1 TA (Self-propelled gun) 273
155 GCT (Self-propelled howitzer) 273
2R2M/MO-120-RT (Mortar) 128
AML (Reconnaissance Vehicle) 700
AMX-10P (Infantry fighting vehicle) 650
AMX-10P (Modernization of the vehicle) 335
AMX-10RC (Reconnaissance Vehicle) 337
AMX-30 (Main battle tank) 200
AMX-30 B2 (Main battle tank) 659
AMX-30 CET (Main battle tank) 322
AMX-30D (Repair and recovery vehicle) 134
ARAVIS (Tactical vehicle) 15
CAESAR (Self-propelled gun) 77
CAV-100 (Patrol Vehicle) 6
ERC Sagaie (Reconnaissance Vehicle) 192
F1 CGT (Self-propelled howitzer) 94
FGM-148 Javelin (Anti-tank guided missile launcher) 260
Griffon VBMR (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier) 92
Leclerc (Main battle tank) 406
MLRS/MARS (Multiple rocket launcher) 58
NERVA LG (Robot, Unmanned Vehicle) 20
P4 (Armoured car) 80
PTA 2 (Armoured vehicle-launched bridge) 18
RG-32 Scout (Patrol Vehicle) 2
Roland (Anti-aircraft system) 181
Shahine (Anti-aircraft system) 109
Sherpa SF Light/PLFS (Tactical vehicle) 25
TR (Towed gun) 105
V.B.L. (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier) 1621
VAB (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier) 3700
VBC 90 (Reconnaissance Vehicle) 28
VBCI (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier) 250
VXB-170 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier) 155
Last Contracts:
Add Date

(Close Date)
Annual Cost
Fox LRPV (Patrol Vehicle) 10 Jankel Armouring Ltd
Jul 2018
(Dec 2018)
Griffon VBMR (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier) 936 Arquus
Apr 2017
(Dec 2025)
Leclerc Renove/R/XLR (Modernization of the vehicle) 218 Nexter
Mar 2015
(Dec 2028)
Eurotrakker MP410E44 (Truck) 200 IVECO S.p.A., Defence Vehicles Division
Aug 2012
(Dec 2014)
M151 Protector RWS (Remote controlled weapon station)   Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS
Mar 2012
(Mar 2013)
PVP 4x4 (Armoured car) 200 Societe de Constructions Panhard et Levassor
Sep 2011
(Dec 2012)
VAB Ultima (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier) 290 Arquus
Jun 2011
(Dec 2014)
PVP 4x4 (Armoured car) 187 Societe de Constructions Panhard et Levassor
May 2010
(Dec 2011)
VBCI (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier) 332 Nexter
Sep 2009
(Sep 2014)
ARAVIS (Tactical vehicle) 15 Nexter
Apr 2009
(Dec 2009)
A4 A.V.L./PVP (Armoured car) 232 Auverland SA
Jan 2009
(Dec 2009)
A4 A.V.L./PVP (Armoured car) 933 Auverland SA
Jan 2009
(Dec 2012)
M151 Protector RWS (Remote controlled weapon station)   Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS
May 2008
(Dec 2016)
PVP 4x4 (Armoured car) 933 Societe de Constructions Panhard et Levassor
May 2008
(Dec 2012)
VBCI (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier) 117 Nexter
Oct 2007
(Dec 2009)
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