Ukrainian radiator plant CRONID

Type of activity:
Transmission & Drives
Engine and Systems

65/67 Lukyanovskya Str.

Phone: + 38 044 417-31-26
Fax: + 38 044 462-48-90

Radiators for special engineering.

155.02.1 sb-V (Water radiator)
165.02.16sb-V (Water radiator)
165.03.14sb-2 (Oil radiator)
175.31.001 (Water radiator)
175.31.002 (Water radiator)
175.32.001 (Oil radiator)
175.32.002 (Oil radiator)
175.32.067 (Oil radiator)
219.03.sb152 (Oil radiator)
219.03.sb2 (Water radiator)
40P-1013010 (Oil radiator)
40P-1301010-B1 (Water radiator)
41-1013010-01 (Oil radiator)
41-1301010 (Water radiator)
4905-1013010 (Oil radiator)
4905-1301010 (Water radiator)
54.02.1sb-6V (Water radiator)
54.03.4sb-3 (Oil radiator)
5903-1013010-10 (Oil radiator)
5903-1013015-10 (Oil radiator)
5903-1301010 (Water radiator)
730.03.sb133A (Water radiator)
730.03.sb137 (Oil radiator)
765-03sb161 (Oil radiator)
765-03sb162 (Oil radiator)
765-03sb178 (Water radiator)
8.02.017 (Water radiator)
8.07.019 (Oil radiator)
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