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SELEX Galileo unveils ACME remotely operated vehicle system at DSEi 2011

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DSEi, London -- SELEX Galileo, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce the launch of ACME (Automated Computerised Mobility Equipment), a kit that can be installed on any land vehicle to transform it into a remotely operated vehicle.

ACME is SELEX Galileo’s answer to the pressing requirement for route clearance solutions and convoy protection from asymmetric threats, with the objective being to reduce the risk to military personnel in high IED threat environments. ACME forms the core of a fully remote-operated situational awareness vehicle which integrates the capabilities of the ACME system with advanced sensor and self-protection technology.

The strength of ACME lies in the fact that the vehicle does not need to be modified to use the system, meaning that ACME can be installed in under 2 hours, in some cases in as quickly as 40 minutes. The system increases the force protection level and allows Commanders to reduce the risk to personnel involved in patrol, transport or route clearance missions. On route clearance operations in particular, the ACME system facilitates operational functions such as detection and investigation/confirmation without military personnel being required to actually be on-board vehicles, instead controlling them remotely.

The system can be integrated with a wide range of SELEX Galileo’s sensor technologies including 360 degree thermal imaging and narrow-field-of-view systems and can be supported with sensor data analysis. Additionally, SELEX Galileo’s vehicle simulation capabilities naturally complement the ACME system.

ACME is part of SELEX Galileo’s force protection offering, giving the war fighter an unfair advantage.

SELEX Galileo equipment that can be integrated with the ACME system includes:

• Janus electro-optical solution for medium and long-range day and night surveillance.

• Driver Night Vision System (DNVS) dual channel driver’s night vision system, designed to enhance the operability of an armoured fighting vehicle.

• Mini Colibri, an indirect view electro-optical fire control system.

Hi-Tec Milano is responsible for the remote control guidance system which comprises actuators, navigation aids, processing and software elements.

SELEX Galileo

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