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Level 7, 139 Macquarie Street
NSW 2000
PO Box 2518 Sydney

Phone: +61 2 9252 4055
Fax: +61 2 9252 4064

INTERCARD WIRELESS LIMITED (ICW) is an Australian Corporation engaged in marketing and distribution of security and defence-related systems throughout the Middle East, North Africa, Iran and the CIS.

These activities are pursued, principally, through a network of local agencies and representations with coordination and continuity guaranteed through the Corporation's permanently staffed office in Dubai.

The ICW portfolio has been developed through a series of strategic alliances with shareholder partners, each of whom delivers cutting-edge technologies and products which ICW then integrates into customized systems adapted to each client's particular needs.

Principal among ICW's range are the following: VECTORBEAM TACTICAL LIGHT SOURCE

TheVECTORBEAM's proprietary lens configuration results in an extremely powerful and uniform beam that illuminates a target more effectively, whether in narrow or in wide beam mode.

Incorporating a compatible camera system, the unit can be remotely controlled to give versatility of coverage over a bi-axial sector, either close-up or at distances up to 2 kms.

With up to six in-built mechanically selectable filters, the VECTORBEAM provides superior beam quality for both overt and covert monitoring of strategic locations.

Its advanced, non-detectable infra-red covert facility is of special importance where the unit is used for remotely-controlled national or regional border surveillance.

Portable and battery-powered, or fixed to decking with AC/DC options, VECTORBEAM is readily adaptable for coastguard, land and/or aerial surveillance units.

PERSONAL AND OBJECT IDENTIFICATION & TRACKING SYSTEMS Utilizing REID and Smart Chips-enabled solutions, ICW can provide advanced systems for a wide range of defence-related applications including personal identification, access control, perimeter monitoring and tracking of objects such as vehicles and ordinance.

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