SE V.O. Malyshev Plant - ZIM

Type of activity:
Armoured Vehicles
Engine and Systems
Transmission & Drives
Contact: Gennady G. Gritsenko General Director

126, Plekhanivska St.

Phone: +38 (0572) 279 782
Fax: +38 (0572) 277 504

The SE Malyshev Plant, one of the major world manufactures of tanks and armoured vehicles, produces:

  • main battle tanks MBT T-84, MBT T-84-120 Oplot, MBT T-80 UD

  • armoured vehicles: Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle BREM-84, Armoured Personnel Carrier 8TR-3U

  • diesel engines for tanks and armoured vehicles (1200 h.p., temperature range - from -40to + 500)

  • upgrading of the vehicles made in the ex-USSR: tanks T54/55/59/62, T-64, T-72 (inch creation of heavy APC on its base) and armoured equipment BTR-50/60/70/80, BMP-2, Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle BRDM-2

  • repairing and logistics support

175.40.10 (Sealing ring)
1ETs-29 (Fire control system)
1ETs29E (Fire control system)
1ETs29M (Fire control system)
3TD (Diesel engine)
3TD-2 (Diesel engine)
432.40.103 (Sealing ring)
478DU2.55.210sb (Track chain)
5TDF (Diesel engine)
5TDF (Power pack)
5TDFM (Power pack)
6TD-1 (Diesel engine)
6TD-1 (Power pack)
6TD-2 (Diesel engine)
6TD-2 (Power pack)
6TDR (Diesel engine)
92 Group (Signature reduction means)
9K119 (Acceleration sensor)
? (Additional vision device)
? (Air cleaning system)
? (Air intake unit)
? (Air starting system)
? (Anti-aircraft machine gun elevation guidance drive)
? (Anti-aircraft mount azimuth guidance drive)
? (Armoured parts of the hull)
? (Armoured parts of the turret)
? (Autoloader)
? (Autoloader)
? (Autoloader)
? (Autoloader drive)
? (Auxiliary power unit)
? (Azimuth guidance drive)
? (Brake drive)
? (Bulldozer equipment)
? (Catching mechanism)
? (Coaxial machine gun)
? (Commander's hatch)
? (Commander's panel)
? (Communication means)
? (Control panel)
? (Control system)
? (Control unit)
? (Cooling system)
? (Crane equipment)
? (Development)
? (Disk with labyrinth)
? (Drive sprocket)
? (Drive to tacho-generator and speedometer sensor)
? (Drive to the fuel governor)
? (Electrical equipment of add-on systems)
? (Electrical equipment of the power pack compartment)
? (Electrical installation kit)
? (Electrical installation kit)
? (Elevation guidance drive)
? (Elevation guidance drive)
? (Engine and transmission control drives)
? (Engine-operated smoke laying system (EOSLS))
? (Exhaust system)
? (Explosive reactive armour)
? (Explosive reactive armour)
? (Explosive reactive armour)
? (Filter-ventilation unit)
? (Fire control system)
? (Fuel system)
? (Gearbox filter drive)
? (Grenade launcher)
? (Gun lock)
? (Gunner's panel)
? (Hatch with AA mount)
? (Heating system)
? (Hull conveyor)
? (Hull conveyor)
? (Hydraulic system of add-on equipment)
? (Idler wheel with track tensioner)
? (Indication panel)
? (Installation of air intake unit, AIU)
? (Installation of the system)
? (Jammer)
? (Laser warning indicator)
? (Loading mechanism control unit)
? (Lubrication system)
? (Modernization of protection)
? (Modulator)
? (Oil injection and autonomous torch heating system)
? (Pipelines and hydraulic control assembly units)
? (Power pack compartment top deck)
? (Protective screen)
? (Protective side skirt with ERA)
? (Protective side skirt with ERA)
? (Ramming mechanism)
? (Road wheel)
? (Rubber-padded shoe)
? (Running gear)
? (Running gear)
? (Running gear)
? (Shock-absorber)
? (Single SPTA kit)
? (SPTA for unit level repair)
? (Supporting roller)
? (Supporting roller)
? (Supporting roller)
? (Suspension)
? (Suspension)
? (Torsion bar)
? (Track chain with rubber-padded shoes)
? (Transmission)
? (Transmission)
? (Ventilation system)
? (Wave deflector)
? (Welding equipment)
? (Winch)
? (Winch)
BM Bulat (Main battle tank)
BMU-84 (Armoured vehicle-launched bridge)
BTR-94 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
DK (Tilt sensor)
DONETS (Anti-aircraft system)
DVE-BS (Wind sensor)
EA-8 (Auxiliary power unit)
ED-76 (Anti-aircraft machine gun)
EDM-14 (Anti-aircraft machine gun)
EK-718 (Anti-aircraft machine gun)
EMR (Electrical unit)
FVY (NBC system)
GPO (Active protection system)
IPP (Electrical unit)
KBA-3 (Gun)
KBM1 (Gun)
KBM2 (Gun)
KBM3 (Gun)
KPU (Electrical unit)
LIO-D (Movement control system)
LIO-D1 (Movement control system)
LIO-T (Transmission control system)
LIO-V (Ballistic computer)
NSVT 12.7 (Machine gun)
PKT (Machine gun)
PNK-5 (Commander's sighting system)
SG-18 (Starter-generator)
T-64 (Main battle tank)
T-64A (Main battle tank)
T-64B (Main battle tank)
T-80UD (Main battle tank)
TGP-1 (Anti-aircraft machine gun)
UKS (Set of training models)
UKT (Loading mechanism simulator)
USO (Fighting compartment model)
UTD-20 (Power pack)
VARTA (Optronic countermeasure system)
VT-2,5 (Anti-aircraft machine gun)
Last contracts:
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BM Bulat (Main battle tank) 17
Jun 2004
(Aug 2005)
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