Manufacturer: FNSS Defence Systems Inc  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Infantry fighting vehicle  

The ACV-NG Armored Combat Vehicle (ACV) main chassis is a new development, largely derivative of the ACV-300 vehicle. The ACV-NG offers exceptional automotive performance, cross country mobility and substantial increase in armor and payload carrying capabilities over the ACV-300 vehicle. The ACV-NG features an upgraded power train, so that combining either the 350hp or 400hp Detroit Diesel 6V53TIA electronically controlled engine with the Allison X200-4B hydrokinetic system or alternative powertrains can be offered. These improvements, consist primarily of a longer (stretched) and wider hull, improved final drives, more aggressive suspension (more then 15 inch of road wheel travel), and electronic engine control system.

The ACV-NG increased payload capability will provide for installation of a wide range of turrets, including Anti-Armor, Air Defense and the latest generation of two-man turrets mounting 30mm cannons. Armor protection of the crew is provided by an aluminum-armored hull. Optional add-on armor packages are available, giving protection against 30mm AP and Chemical Effect Weapons. The ACV-NG used components, common to the ACV-300 and the M113 Fleet FoV, ensures the high reliability, availability and maintainability-plus common maintenance techniques and a well-established worldwide logistic support base. The ACV-NG is Roll-on/Roll-off transportable on a C-130 and larger aircraft.


Multiple Roles and Missions

  • Peace Keeping

  • Allied Cooperative Operations

  • Limited Regional Conflicts

  • Conventional Mechanized Warfare

Exceptional Mobility

  • High terrain accessibility

  • High mobility matching with modern (3rd generation) MBT's

  • High agility and maneuverability- High HP / ton ratio

  • Increased top speed

  • State of the art power pack (350-400HP)

Fire Power

Integration of a broad range of weapons stations, due to increased payload capacity of the new chassis

  • One-Man Turrets

  • Two-Man Turrets

  • Turret with 25 mm Cannon

  • Turret with 30mm cannon

  • 40/50 Turrets

  • Stinger Air Defense Turret

  • TOW Missile Launcher Turret

  • Ground Launched Hellfire Turret

  • 90 mm Direct Fire Weapon Turret

  • 120 mm Breech and Muzzle Loading Mortar Systems

  • Other Weapon Stations as requested by the Customers


  • Fire Suppression System (Crew/Engine)

  • NBC System (Face Mask or Overpressure)

  • Defensive Aid Systems

  • Laser Warning System

  • Signature Management Techniques

  • Goal to reduce vehicle radar signature

  • Reshaping of vehicle exterior with applique involved

  • Panels and/or armor tiles

  • Near Term Low Cost Solution

  • Battlefield Management Systems

Armor Protection

  • Basic Hull

* 14.5 mm AP

  • Optional Add-On Armor Kits

* 30 mm ballistic

* Chemical Energy

* Mine Protection


  • Commonality of ACV New Generation with existing ACV FoV and M113 fleet.

  • High reliability and low cost ownership as the ACV and M113 FoV.

Rapid Deployment

  • Transportable with variants by C130, C141, C17 and C5

  • No special permits required for road transportation

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