Manufacturer: Yaroslavl Radioworks Corp.  
Product type: C4ISR  
Name: Radio station  

The R-168-5KDN radio station provides clear and encrypted radio communications in the HF/VHF/UHF radio networks of tactical command level (TCL) in severe constraints of operation.

Structure: transceiver, console for preparation of radio data with device for their inputting, wide-range antenna devices, microphone-telephone handset, primary power supply source, SPTA single complete set, elements of equipment, and complete set of maintenance documentation. At the request of the customer the complete set of delivery can be added with charging device, and device of transformation of solar energy into electric.

Types of operation: clear telephony, encrypted secure telephony, transmission of digital data from external terminal equipment (TE) and personal computer.

Operation modes: FH clear and encrypted radio communications, telegraphy, FSK, dialogue control of radio station, independent preparation and input of radio data.

Features of radio station R-168-5ĘDN:

  • high-speed and adaptive to interferences FH (500 hops/s); wide dynamic range and high sensitivity of the receiver

  • teamwork with other radio stations

  • fast netting irrespective of functioning of satellite systems of signaling a common time (GPS, GLONASS and etc.)

  • availability of built-in unit of tuning for automatic matching with wide-range antenna devices

  • minimal set of keyboard

  • dialogue control of radio station for comfortable operating conditions of the operator

  • preliminary preparation of radio data and operative inputting them from the external console

  • modular principle of construction of radio station for cost reduction on repair and service

  • wide-range and multifunctionality for maintenance of steady radio communication at required distance range

  • integration in the operational radio networks

  • application in conditions of an urgent need of transmission of the protected information in various frequency bands in complex radio electronic conditions (an extreme situation, a natural disaster, etc.)

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