Manufacturer: KINTEX State Commercial Enterprise  
Product type: Screen Laying Systems  
Name: Self-screening system  


This Toucha 81 mm smoke grenade launching system is designed for the discharge of 81 mm ZD-6 smoke grenades and is mounted on tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles. This system is probably of former Soviet origin and manufactured under licence in Bulgaria for both the home and export markets.

The Toucha 81 mm system consists of a launcher system with one or four tubes, control panel and cable. The grenades are initiated electrically from a control panel which is normally mounted at the vehicle commander's station.

Typical Bulgarian armoured vehicle applications are incorporated in the BMP-30 infantry combat vehicle which normally has a bank of three Toucha 81 mm smoke grenade launchers mounted either side of the turret firing forwards.


Production as required. In service with Bulgaria and other countries.

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