Manufacturer: Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co.KG - KMW  
Product type: Screen Laying Systems  
Name: Self-screening system  


This 76 mm multipurpose grenade launcher system developed by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann can be employed independently of the other weapons on the vehicle and can be mounted as additional equipment on all armoured vehicles (MBTs, APCs, recovery vehicles and so on).

The function of the system is to set up a smoke screen at a certain distance from the vehicle which then can change position without being seen by the enemy. In addition to visible and Infra-Red (IR) smoke it is also possible to fire High Explosive (HE) fragmentation and tear gas grenades.

The launcher system consists of a number of single launcher units mounted externally on the armoured vehicle, assembled in groups on each vehicle side. The grenades are fired electrically from the control panel inside the vehicle and can be fired in groups or singly, depending on the configuration of the control panel.

The grenade propellants are ignited electrically and the grenades fired into the target area. The delay expires during flight and the smoke charge is activated and dispersed. An immediate smoke wall results.

The launcher system can also be used on vehicles which are capable of submerged operation. It is a standard supply item of all German armoured vehicles and of other armed forces.

Developed from the smoke and tear gas launcher system, the smoke and fragmentation grenade launchers can be used to deter enemy personnel in the immediate area of the armoured vehicle whose remaining armament is not able to cover the close-in range up to 50 m. The system can also be used against personnel in covered positions and behind embankments.

In general, the smoke and fragmentation launcher system is placed in the same way as the smoke and tear gas launchers on the outside of an armoured vehicle. For example two groups, each consisting of six launchers, fixed on the turret, can be installed on the Cadillac Gage, (now Textron Marine & Land Systems) LAV-150 (4 x 4) armoured vehicle range. This mounting in connection with a special control device enables the simultaneous launching of three smoke or tear gas grenades per group and the single launching of fragmentation grenades.

These grenade launchers are standard on Austrian, German, Spanish and Swiss Leopard 2 MBTs.

On the German Leopard 2 there are two banks of four 76 mm mounted either side of the turret rear firing forwards.

Other data for the launcher are comparable to the smoke grenade launcher system data.


In production. In service with the German armed forces, Malaysia and various other armies.

Included in:
Product Amount
Leopard 2A5 (Main battle tank)

Has folowing part:
Total Amount
DM35 (Smoke grenade)

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