Manufacturer: MESIT pristroje spol. s r.o.  
Product type: C4ISR  
Name: Intercom  

VICM 200 COMBAT is a True Software Defined, combat-proven Intercom System. It is built on DSPs and FPGAs. Speech processing is made digitally which guarantees excellent speech quality and high intelligibility under the noise of the battlefield. Active Noise Reduction headsets are supported. VICM 200 COMBAT is really user friendly. Minimum time is required for the crew training. Intercom System is upgradeable via a fill gun.

It offers optimal solution of communication for a wide range of combat platforms with up to 21 crew members and 6 Combat Net Radios (CNRs). Crew members have access to both intercom and CNRs. It also supports dismounted squad via Wireless Extension and Personal Communication Interface. Intercom System enables data transmission at the CNR defined rate of 64 kb/s.


The heart of the Intercom System is Central Communication Unit, either VICM 201 or VICM 201A. The other components are connected to this unit in combat-proven star network.

  • VICM 201 Central Communication Unit

VICM 201 is your ideal choice for the combat platforms, with up to 16 crew members and two CNRs. Two crew members are connected to this unit directly with their personal headsets. Two CNRs are connected to VICM 201. Typical platforms for VICM 201 are light combat vehicles, tanks and combat boats.

  • VICM 201A Central Communication Unit

VICM 201A is designed to meet requirements of platforms, with up to 21 crew members and four CNRs. This unit provides TCP/IP interface, Input/Output for Battlefield Management System, Loudspeaker and 4 CNRs. One crew member can be connected to this unit with standard personal headsets.

  • VICM 202 Basic Communication Unit

VICM 202 provides two crew members with intercom and CNRs access. VICM 202D, VICM 202G provides intercom/CNR access for one crew member. VICM 202D is equipped with data connector for data terminal connection. VICM 202G is equipped with the gate for VICM 205 connection.

  • VICM 205 Intercom Communication Unit

Three crew members can be connected to VICM 205. It is allowed to use three VICM 205 units per one Intercom System. These crew members have full access to intercom channel and volume control. They have no access to CNRs.

  • VICM 207 Loudspeaker Unit

Loudspeaker Unit is intended for loud reproduction of selected signals. VICM 207 can be connected to VICM 201, VICM 201A or VICM 202.

  • VICM 209 Personal Communication Interface

Personal Communication Interface makes the life of the warriors easier in dismounted operations. VICM 209 provides interface between personal headsets, vehicular Intercom System, Personal Role Radio and CNR. Soldiers can still keep communication, it does not matter whether they are inside the vehicle or dismounted.

  • VICM 180 Personal Headsets

VICM 200 COMBAT supports both ANR (Active Noise Reduction) and non ANR headsets. ANR headsets are recommended where low frequency noise reaches extremely high levels. Headsets are also equipped with Talk-Through capability.

  • VICM 210 Cabling Set

Mutual interconnection of individual Intercom System components is very easy. VICM 200 COMBAT uses simple cabling.

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