Kooryong KM809A1

Manufacturer: Doosan Infracore Co. LTD - DI  
Product type: Weapons & Weapon Systems  
Name: Multiple rocket launcher  

he Doosan Infracore Defense Products (previously Daewoo Heavy Industries & Machinery Ltd) Kooryong 130 mm 36-round, multiple rocket launcher system was designed and built in South Korea for corps and divisional level MRL units.

Although fitted on the rear of the locally built 5 ton (6 × 6) KM809A1 truck chassis in South Korean Army service, it can be fitted to any wheeled or tracked vehicle with a 5 ton class load capacity.


The launcher uses a hydraulic motor to drive the azimuth, elevation and stabilising jack systems. If required all can be operated manually as well. The fire-control system consists of three solid-state components, the firing control box, the ignition distribution box and a circuit tester unit.

A resupply KM813A1 (6 × 6) 5 ton truck is used to carry 72 reload rounds and to act as the loading platform. Reloading takes about 10 minutes. To avoid counter battery fire, reloading would normally take place well away from the original launch position.

The Kooryong 130 mm (36-round) multiple rocket launcher system fires at least two types of 130 mm unguided solid propellant rockets which are manufactured by the Hanwha Corporation, these are called the standard rocket (K30) and the improved model (K33) and details are given in the Table. These unguided rockets have the same warhead but the Improved Kooryong II has more solid propellant for increased range.

Single round, partial or full ripple salvo firings can be undertaken using the fire-control box from either the driver's seat, or off-vehicle from a site several metres away. A firing table or the fire direction calculator is used to provide the ballistic data. The latter provides a faster and more accurate method of calculation than the former. Claimed CEP is 387 m.

The K30 and K33 solid propellant rocket motors are packed one round per wooden box with 12 boxes packed on a pallet for ease of transport in the field. The K37 and K38 warheads are packed two per wooden box and 16 of these boxes are then packed on a pallet.

Surface wind measurements are made using a 10.25 m mast installation mounted on the back of a 11/4 ton 4 × 4 KM450 light truck and connected to a microprocessor. This provides both digital average and instant windspeed data for the fire-control calculations.

It is believed that the South Korean Army has a total of 156 of these Kooryong 130 mm (36-round) multiple rocket launchers in service. They are now being supplemented by the US Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control 227 mm (12-round) Multiple Launch Rocket Systems. These came from the US production line with at least 29 delivered to date. In addition to the conventional MLRS rockets, the ROK has also taken delivery of the longer range ATACMS.

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Kooryong KM809A1
Kooryong KM809A1