Manufacturer: Nexter  
Product type: Weapons & Weapon Systems  
Name: Towed howitzer  

Nexter displayed its TRAJAN® System for the first time at IDEX 2013.

TRAJAN® combines two well-known Nexter’s systems, the 155 mm/39 caliber TR Towed Gun System and the 155 mm/52 caliber CAESAR® truck-mounted artillery (deployed in Afghanistan and in Lebanon).

The key missions of TRAJAN® are:

  • Performing Frontier Defense

  • Providing Fire Support for all types of motorized, mechanized or armored units.

TRAJAN® integrates the fire power of CAESAR® into a modern and very efficient towed artillery gun for all firing missions from direct support firing to in-depth action.

Thanks to embedded electronics as INU (Inertial Navigation Unit), Automatic Laying and Relaying System, TRAJAN® is a formidable, efficient, and very accurate system. The 155 mm/52 caliber artillery (Joint Ballistic MoU) is compatible with all NATO standard ammunition, but also ERFB shells with smart ammunition (BONUS, SPACIDO, etc.). The maximum range is similar to CAESAR®, up to 42 km with an ERFB and even 55 km through the use of rocket-assisted projectile. Day and night sight devices can engage a target in direct firing at up to 2000 m.

The TRAJAN® system can be put into action in less than 1'30". The gun is served by a six-man crew and is very much facilitated by automation of operations for putting it into or taking it out of action, for aiming and by an automatic loading of shells. These elements also make operations more secure. The TRAJAN® firing rate is six rounds per minute. A shell handling crane is available as an option.

TRAJAN® is equipped with an auxiliary power unit that provides it with all the energy necessary for electrical and fluid equipment, and can travel at 10 km/h under its own power to reach its firing position. When towed, its tractor can travel at up to 80 km/h with no constraints, and can turn on turning diameters of 25 m.

Based on Nexter’s 155mm/52cal. towed gun project, it has been customized to satisfy the specifications in the Indian “Towed Gun System” (TGS) call for bids in partnership with LARSEN & TOUBRO Ltd, a large Indian industrial group. This action illustrates Nexter’s ability to transfer its know-how and control technology transfers. The Indian Ministry of Defense got it right, TRAJAN® is officially invited to assessment tests in India after the Technical Evaluation Committee has approved its compliance with requirements.

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