Manufacturer: Dynamit Nobel GmbH  
Product type: Turrets  
Name: Remote controlled weapon station  

Dynamit Nobel Defence displayed a remote-controlled weapons station (RCWS) equipped with its disposable Recoilless Guided Weapon (RGW) light-weight anti-armor/anti-structure weapon at Rheinmetall’s 3rd Infantry Days in Unterluess on 24-25 April.

Designed to be installed in light and heavy armored vehicles, the fully stabilized RCWS has Rheinmetall’s new 12.7 mm (.50-caliber) heavy machine gun as its primary armament and two RGW 90s as its secondary armament. The machine gun has an armored feeding system and can be reloaded under armor (which is not the case for the RGW 90).

At Infantry Days, the RCWS was equipped with the RGW 90 AS anti-structure weapon first delivered to the British army in March 2010 and the RCW 90 HH firing a high explosive anti-tank (HEAT)/high explosive squash head (HESH) warhead With an effective range of 500 meters, RCW 90 HH is designed to penetrate at least 500 mm of armor or a triple brick wall, while RCW 90 AS can penetrate an 800 mm adobe wall and be programmed to produce lethal blast effects in adjacent rooms of the building hit.

Surveillance and target acquisition are provided by a day color CCD zoom camera and a night thermal imager (forward-looking infrared, FLIR) camera. A laser range finder is also integrated.

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