Manufacturer: Armour Group, Inc.  
Product type: Ballistic Protection  
Name: Ballistic protection  

The RhinoTAC, short for Transportable Armored Capsule, is the perfect solution to nearly any situation. Working ideally as a mobile command center, a mobile laboratory, a medical station or for riot and crowd control, the RhinoTAC comes equipped with exactly the features you require, along with many options.

The modular shell is easily detached from the main vehicle, and can be placed at nearly any location. Powered by its own internal generator, the detached unit contains its own onboard generator and fuel supply. This vehicle is fully equipped to create a quick, safe, reliable, and even comfortable checkpoint station for our troops in any terrain.

Among other optional equipment, this massive defense vehicle offers options including a gun turret for use as a crowd control vehicle, hydraulically operated plow blade, and a remotely or manually controlled water-cannon for chemical spray and indelible ink.

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