BMP-M2 Samson Mk II

Manufacturer: EXCALIBUR ARMY spol. s r.o.  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Modernization of the vehicle  

Modern infantry fighting vehicle serves primarily as a means of infantry transport in the area of combat operations and for its support by the fire of barrel weapons.

Improved infantry fighting vehicle BMP-M2 CZ is based on the design of the vehicle BVP-1. By modernization of original vehicle the higher protection of personnel, increase of firepower and increase of combat utility value occurred. The vehicle, modernized in such a way offers the solution of rearmament of armed forces, equipped with vehicles BVP-1 to the standards required for leading current combat operations by relatively low costs.

In the basic version is the modernized vehicle equipped with a remote-controlled weapon station with a 30 mm gun and a coaxial machine gun of a calibre of 7,62 mm. The shooting range is in the firing angle n x 360and in firing elevation from -10 to + 60. This range enables to realize the fire against lightly armoured targets, firing firing targets and against low flying targets. Observation and aiming devices are able to detect and aim at targets day and night even in low visibility.

According to customer requirements the weapon station can be equipped with shooting equipment of smoke grenades and launching equipment of AT guided missiles. The workplace of machine gunner is placed in a combat area in front at the right side. Adjustments of the hull enabled to increase the screw protection against mines. The bottom is reinforced by armoured plates. The hull of modernized vehicle in the combat area is increased by 500 mm. By increasing this area ergonomic requirements for members of carried crew and the gunner have been improved. Their seats are suspended to the hull ceiling and thereby have been reduced consequences of mines explosion.

The area over the driver and vehicle commander is increased by 300 mm. Seats of the driver and commander are suspended on the hull sidewall to eliminate effects of mines explosion. Driver's view is enabled by look-out slits with glass resistant against ballistic missiles. Tanks in rear doors have been removed and doors are elevated for enable an easier crew exit and entry. In connection with the hull increase the fuel, cooling and sucking engine system, filtering and ventilating system and electrical installation in the combat and driver´s area have been modified.

In its basic version has the vehicle a bottom protection against mines on the protection level 1 according to STANAG 4569 (300 g

TNT) and level 2a (cartridge up to 6 kg of TNT under the track). The ballistic protection is on the level 3 according to STANAG 4569.

Internal spaces of the driver´s and combat area are covered by a lining, which protects them against penetration of projectiles and

at the same time has a function of heat insulating material and reduces the angle shell fragment scattering in the event of the armour perforating. The vehicle is equipped with a fire-fighting equipment of the engine compartment and an anti-explosive equipment of the crew area. The central warning system signalizes the exceeding of limiting conditions of the drive unit. The external lighting enables the traffic on public roads and in combat conditions in camouflage mode.

According to customer requirements it is possible to equip the vehicle with following modernized elements:

  • Trellis protection of the type SLAT against effects of RPG (reactive A/T grenades)

  • Increase of ballistic protection on the level 4

  • Increase of the protection against mines on the level 3a + 450g TNT under the bottom

  • Radio station of new generation

  • Internal speech equipment with communication possibility with the crew

  • Camera system for observation of the vehicle surroundings

  • Observation device for the commander of the generation 2+

  • Independent observation device of the commander

  • Satellite or inertial navigation

  • Independent heating

  • Air conditioning

  • Information system of combat vehicle

Has folowing part:
Total Amount
Samson Mk II (Remote controlled weapon station)

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BMP-M2 Samson Mk II
BMP-M2 Samson Mk II
BMP-M2 Samson Mk II
BMP-M2 Samson Mk II
BMP-M2 Samson Mk II