Manufacturer: FNSS Defence Systems Inc  
Product type: Turrets  
Name: Turret  

TEBER-30 is a medium caliber turret that can be deployed on wheeled and tracked armored vehicles. The TEBER-30 turret is a modular system that is offered in two configurations. The turret can be unmanned, remotely operated from inside the vehicle or manned by a conventional two men crew.

The turret incorporates the latest technologies in turret drives, fire control, protection and lethality, as TEBER which in Turkish means “Battle Axe”. The compact dimensions and low weight makes TEBER-30 a suitable choice for different types of armored vehicles.

The main armament consists of Mk44 30 mm / 40 mm dualfeed automatic cannon with 250 ready to fire rounds and has a maximum cyclic rate of fire of 200 rounds/minute. Gunner can select single shot or burst modes of fire. The 30mm automatic cannon and the coaxial machine gun provides the crew to engage in a wide spectrum of situations and targets.

The secondary armament consists of 7.62 mm Mk52 Chaingun or 7.62 mm machine gun with 750 ready to fire rounds. It is mounted co-axial with the main gun. The major advantages of the ATK Mk52 7.62 mm Chaingun are that misfire stoppages are eliminated with electrical extraction of the unspent cartridge and high reduction rate in highly toxic propellant gases.

A key feature of the Unmanned Variant of TEBER-30 is the capability to reload ammunition from inside the vehicle under full armor protection.

A bank of four 76 mm grenade launchers are mounted on both sides of the turret towards the front, but these could also be replaced by grenade launchers of other calibers according to

the customer requirements.

The gun turret drive system is electrical and fully digital with two axis stabilization capability to ensure a high accuracy of fire on the move. The turret can rotate in traverse axis 360

degrees continuous with weapon elevation from -8 to +45 degrees with rates of more than 60 degree/second.

TEBER-30, has an advanced fire control capability with the help of its onboard fire control computer and two axis stabilized independent sight system. The system can generate a kinematic lead solution to increase the first-round-hit probability for stationary/ moving targets.

The dual axis stabilized sighting system includes a long wave or mid wave thermal imager, day camera with wide and narrow fields of view and laser range finder. An automatic target tracking system is also fitted at the sighting system.

TEBER-30, has a two axis stabilized 3600 panoramic commander’s sight with thermal imager, day camera and laser range finder on the top plate enabling hunter/killer capability.

Turret shell is made of all-welded aluminum armour with addon composite and steel armor providing ballistic protection up to STANAG 4569 Level V standard.

Main Features

Modular turret that is offered as:

• Unmanned-Remotely operated from inside the vehicle

• Two-men

• Suitable for installation on wheeled or tracked armored fighting vehicles

• Highly effective weapon system for multiple threat scenarios

• Hunter-killer capability

• Independent stabilized sight systems with advanced fire control

• Automatic target tracking (ATT)

• All around armor protection

• Ammunition loading and reloading under armor for unmanned configuration

• Low weight

• Low profile

Sight System

Gunner’s Sight:

• 2 Axis Stabilized Independent

• Mid Wave or Long Wave Thermal Image

• Day Camera

• Laser Range Finder with 10.000 m Range

Commander’s Sight:

• 2 Axis Stabilized Independent

• Mid Wave or Long Wave Thermal Image

• Day Camera

• Laser Range Finder with 10.000 m Range

Property Value
Main weapon caliber (mm)
Ammunition of the auxiliary gun
Ammunition of the main gun
Rate of fire (rds/min)
Ammunition of the auxiliary gun
Weight (kg)
Width (mm)
Traverse arc (degree)
Elevation (degree)
Depression (degree)

Included in:
Product Amount
KAPLAN-20 NG-AFV (Infantry fighting vehicle)

Has folowing part:
Total Amount
Bushmaster II/MK44 (Gun)

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