Manufacturer: Escribano Mechanical and Engineering S.L.  
Product type: Turrets  
Name: Owerhead weapon station  

The remote controlled weapon station (RWS) with medium-caliber weapons, developed and manufactured by the Spanish company Escribano Mechanical and Engineering S.L.

For the first time RWS officially presented at the Homsec exhibition in April 2016. Later it was demonstrated at the SITDEF 2017 and DSEI 2017 exhibitions.

In this RWS, one of the three weapon systems can be installed:

  • 30 mm gun Orbital ATK M230LF

  • multi-barreled Dillon Aero machine gun

  • ATGM from the Spanish company Instalaza

The design of the Dillon Aero includes an armored shield covering the systems from the front. It has a Falcon sighting unit, which is equipped with a Sparrow thermal imaging camera, a day camera and a laser rangefinder. Armament and field of view are stabilized in two axels. Electronics is designed and manufactured also by Escribano.

Property Value
Main weapon caliber (mm)
Planes of gun stabilization
Planes of stabilization of gunner's field of view

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