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General Dynamics Delivers EAGLE BAT Vehicles to Bundeswehr

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EAGLE BAT (protected ambulance) vehicle

On 15 March 2011, in the presence of high-ranking representatives, General Dynamics European Land Systems delivered 20 EAGLE BAT (protected ambulance) vehicles to the Bundesamt fur Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung and subsequently to the Medical Service of the Bundeswehr on the Medical training regiment`s premises in Feldkirchen/Niederbayern.

The vehicles were developed, tested and manufactured on a tight, 14-month timeline in close cooperation between General Dynamics European Land Systems-Mowag, General Dynamics European Land Systems-Germany and other German companies following an October 2009 contract award.

The BWB selected the EAGLE IV in 2008 for the "GFF Klasse 2" public procurement program for protected Command and Function vehicles following 2 years of intensive evaluation. As a result of its high protection level, agility and tactical mobility as well as its outstanding reliability and availability, the EAGLE IV is the ideal vehicle for the entire mission spectrum of this class of vehicles.

The EAGLE BAT accommodates an emergency doctor, rescue assistant and a driver/paramedic and allows patient transport and emergency treatment while protecting occupants from ballistic threats, mines and improvised explosive devices. As part of orders for 473 EAGLE GFF2 vehicles, General Dynamics European Land Systems entered a contract with the BWB for the delivery of 20 protected EAGLE BAT (Protected Ambulance) in October 2009. These vehicles will replace existing unprotected vehicles of the Bundeswehr, thus considerably increasing the security of German soldiers on missions abroad. BWB has ordered 473 EAGLE IV vehicles in all.

Achieving the tight delivery schedule was made possible by closely coordinated measures in the manufacturing process and excellent cooperation of the participating companies and authorities within the framework of the CPM Integrated Project Management process. Among the milestones achieved were the following:

  • Increasing the permissible total weight (GVW) to 9.5t and carrying out driving tests, bench tests and climatic testing in cooperation with the Military Vehicle Test Center WTD 41 in Trier, Germany

  • Design and engineering of the BAT add-on kit by Cassidian Friedrichshafen

  • Construction of a 1:1 wooden model of the protected BAT cabin and checking the handling of the BAT add-on kit by the Medical Service of the Bundeswehr (SanABw)

  • Making a crash test model for 10g crash tests to check the safe integration of the BAT add-on kit

  • Production of a test vehicle to verify protection levels and execution of ballistic, mine and IED protection tests by the Military Vehicle Test Center WTD 91 in Meppen

  • Production of two pre-series vehicles for homologation

  • Vehicle operator training at GDELS-Mowag in Kreuzlingen

  • Manufacture of series vehicles by GDELS as well as their delivery to BWB

These orders document the close partnership with the BWB and the Bundeswehr as key customer of General Dynamics European Land Systems and underline the international success of the highly protected EAGLE.

Facts about the EAGLE

The EAGLE sets the standard for highly protected wheeled vehicles in the weight class of up to 9.5 tons. It has a length of 5.40 m, a height of 2.4 m and a width of 2.16 m. The EAGLE reaches a top speed of 110 km/h on the road and manages gradients of up to 60%. The 245 hp turbocharged diesel engine, in connection with an Allison 5-speed automatic transmission, the unique DeDion axle system with the patented roll stabilizer, the tire pressure control system and the permanent all-wheel drive, give the EAGLE superior on-road and off-road mobility. Thanks to the modular protection system, the EAGLE offers a very high level of protection against ballistic threats, mines, and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Furthermore, the vehicle is equipped with an NBC overpressure system.

General Dynamics

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