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Shieldall - A Breakthrough In Armor Protection Capability

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Battelle has announced it has developed a next-generation composite armor material, exclusively licensed to Protected Vehicles for use in the company's ShieldAll armor systems.

The new material is being called a lighter, more capable, and cost-effective armor solution. The Battelle breakthrough material is a uniquely tailored composite that includes ceramics, reinforcing, and patented binders.

Battelle and Protected Vehicles, Inc. collaborated to create the PVI armor system trademarked as "ShieldAll."

At less than 37 percent the weight of steel armor, the Battelle material alone is capable of stopping multiple armor piercing projectiles exceeding a 7.62mm threat as a stand-alone component. When combined with Protected Vehicles, Inc. armoring methodologies, the complete system is capable of stopping threats from 50-caliber armor-piercing shells without the weight associated with conventional metal or ceramic armor.

The weight of armored steel used in some current up-armor packages causes some vehicles to operate in an overweight condition which can degrade performance, increase maintenance requirements, and decrease overall and component lifecycles of the vehicle.

"The ShieldAll breakthrough means vehicle payloads can be restored, productive life can be extended, and maintenance costs can be reduced," said Scott Versluis, a Commercialization Manager at Battelle.

In addition, the material is being considered for personal armor equipment giving soldiers in the field more mobility while allowing equal or better protection.

"We're pleased to be working with Battelle on this exciting breakthrough," said Garth Barrett, President and CEO of Protected Vehicles, Inc. "We see a tremendous opportunity to advance personal and vehicle protection at a time when this is greatly needed around the world."

Under the exclusive licensing agreement to manufacture and market the armor, the companies have plans to further the armor's capabilities and develop a number of different protection applications and products. Based on readily available components and ongoing involvement from a tier one polymer manufacturer, ShieldAll is available immediately for large-scale production.


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