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Tognum to supply MTU Engines for the BOXER Armored Vehicle

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Friedrichshafen -- Tognum, the specialist for propulsion and power solutions and its Business Unit Engines received orders for the supply of more than 200 MTU engines for the Boxer armored vehicle (AV). The order volume amounts to approx. 17 million EUR.

Most of the engines will be supplied for Boxer vehicles of the Royal Dutch Army and a smaller part for vehicles of the German Bundeswehr. For the Boxer AVs of the German Army, MTU had received an order for the supply of engines as early as 2007. The first standard-production vehicle will be delivered to the German Army on September 23, 2009. The Netherlands will receive its first vehicles in early 2011.

"This follow-up order shows once again the confidence our customers have in our products and their satisfaction with MTU´s performance", Rainer Breidenbach, Member of the Tognum Board with responsibiliy for the Business Unit Engines, emphasized the significance of the order.

The Boxer armored vehicle is powered by an MTU 8V 199 TE20 diesel engine with a power output of 530 kW (710 bhp). The engine accelerates the vehicle weighing up to 33 tons to a maximum speed of more than 100 km/h. Engine Series 199 is based on the latest design status of the Mercedes-Benz OM 500 commercial vehicle engine and has been modified by MTU for military applications. This includes, in particular, the power upgrade in comparison to the commercial vehicle engine as well as the dry-sump lubrication in order to meet the requirements for operation at extreme inclinations. Only this way can the technical demands on military vehicles such as high power output, compact design and utmost reliability under extreme operating conditions be met.

The Boxer is a heavily-armored, off-road, 8x8 AWD vehicle which is manufactured in nine different versions. Each of them is based on a drive module which is almost identical for all versions; this drive module is supplemented by mission modules.


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