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Mercedes-Benz to Celebrate Four Mercedes-Benz World Premieres at EUROSATORY 2010

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Actros 4151 AK Recovery.

Mercedes-Benz will present 11 vehicles from its range of products with payloads between 0.5 and 110 tons for military customers at Stand B310 in the German Pavilion at EUROSATORY 2010 (June 14 to 18, 2010).

Mercedes-Benz will be celebrating four world debuts at EUROSATORY 2010. The all-wheel-drive Actros 4151 AK 8x8 Recovery is in a protection class that has never been offered before. The new recovery vehicle provides Level 4 ballistic protection and Level 4b mine protection according to STANAG 4569. The systems of the armored Actros 4151 AK 8x8 have been further optimized on the basis of many years of experience.

Another new development is the FGA 14.5 chassis, which is the latest and most high-performance platform for protected command and special-purpose vehicles. The FGA 14.5 special chassis from Mercedes-Benz provides manufacturers of military and civilian vehicles with a reconfigured platform based on that of the proven Unimog concept. The Mercedes-Benz FGA 12.5 special chassis has been successfully used as a platform for the KMW Dingo 2 for years in a wide variety of military missions. The experience gained during these missions as well as changed deployment scenarios with regard to payload, mobility, and reliability provided the basis for developing the FGA 14.5 special chassis.

The third innovation — the LAPV 6.X concept vehicle — will augment the very mobile LAPV 5.4 light armored patrol vehicles from the G-Class. Series production of these vehicles for the German military will commence at the time EUROSATORY is held. The LAPV 6.X concept vehicle will improve on the LAPV 5.4 modular in the areas of protection (Level 3), offroad capability, and, above all, agility. In doing so, it will make maximum use of the G-Class modular system.

The fourth world-class innovation is the 7.X concept vehicle, which combines the properties of two different Mercedes-Benz model series. As is the case with the two lighter LAPVs, the vehicle’s engine/transmission and cockpit are taken from the G-Class, while the frame and the axles are from the Unimog range. Because the larger vehicle, the LAPV 7.X, uses components from the Unimog modular system, it opens up an entirely new dimension of all-terrain capability for a patrol vehicle.

Also on show will be an Actros and a Zetros from the test series for the Australian military’s Overlander project. A German army version of the all-wheel-drive Atego 1018 4x4 will also be on display as a representative of the vast array of Mercedes-Benz trucks in military use.

The long-nose Zetros truck will be represented at the Mercedes-Benz stand in two versions: as an unprotected three-axle flatbed truck with special military equipment and as an armored test vehicle for the Australian Overlander project.

As an expression of the brand’s high mobility transport expertise for the roughest terrain, the Mercedes-Benz stand will also feature two Unimog U 5000 vehicles. A veritable legend that is unparalleled in its range of applications is the all-terrain Unimog U 5000 series for difficult operations in areas without roads or tracks. The Unimog is the most capable all-terrain vehicle in the world.

These vehicles embody like no others the traditional Mercedes-Benz brand attributes of robustness, reliability, economy, and safety, and they underscore the brand’s heritage and its many years of expertise in building trucks.

Today’s military missions require commercial vehicles that feature customized solutions for fulfilling a wide range of different tasks. As the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles with payloads between 0.5 and 110 tons, Mercedes-Benz offers the most extensive range of vehicles for meeting many different logistical and tactical requirements. Mercedes-Benz has a comprehensive range of all-wheel-drive vehicles that extends from SUVs, vans, and partially militarized versions of the Atego, Axor, and Actros trucks to the allterrain Unimog and Zetros vehicles and the Actros heavy-duty tractor unit.

Mercedes-Benz’ commercial vehicles for military mobility are supported by a unique service program called Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) which provides the vehicles with a standardized maintenance concept. Mercedes-Benz supports its military customers by sending its service representatives all the way to the scene of operations. In combination with the use of parts and components from the series-produced versions of the vehicles, this results in a high level of fleet availability as well as low lifecycle costs and therefore an optimized total cost of ownership.

The brand maintains almost 5,000 service centers in 160 countries worldwide to ensure fast delivery of spare parts and workshop support.

The uniform service philosophy for all production series builds on this concept and guarantees maximum standardization, which ensures the highest level of operating security despite a minimum of training.

An overview of the vehicles on show:

• Actros 4151 AK 8x8 Recovery (Picture-Nr.: 10 A 633)

• Actros 4151 A 8x8 Overlander

• Zetros 1833 A 4x4 Overlander

• Zetros 2743 A 6x6

• Atego 1018 4x4 BWFPS

• U 5000 BWFPS

• U 5000 GLF

• FGA Chassis 14.5 (Picture-Nr.: 10 A 635)

• LAPV 7.X Concept (Picture -Nr. 10 A 634)

• LAPV 6.X Concept

• LAPV 5.4


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