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Chemring unveils Multiple Effects Rocket System (MERS) – the next generation handheld rocket

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Chemring Defence is unveiling the Multiple Effects Rocket System (MERS), the next generation, high performance handheld rocket system for the 21st century, at Eurosatory, Paris.

Using the latest technologies and experience from current operations, Chemring Defence has made radical improvements to the design of the 38/40mm handheld rocket. MERS is compact and lightweight to ease the infantry burden and offers the soldier greater tactical versatility, improved accuracy and built-in safety.

The significant new tactical advantage offered by MERS is that it leaves no smoke trail, which can be used by the enemy to trace and target the firer, thereby significantly reducing the danger of `Target back to the Firer`.

A major innovation is the introduction of a new Ground Target Smoke capability, in which the smoke payload can be fired at an angle along the ground to mark a target for directing fire or aerial attack. This is in addition to the handheld rocket’s standard capabilities for Illumination of forward ground and Signalling. MERS provides high performance Illumination with a `white light` payload delivering 200,000 Candela (candle power) and the option of a covert `black light` infra red payload.

Increased levels of accuracy and safety are achieved by MERS due to two key design features: the introduction of an advanced propellant means the payload travels at high speed, which makes it more stable and accurate in flight, particularly in wind conditions and secondly, a three-stage initiation procedure that can only be performed using both hands, and can be handled with equal ease by left and right handed users, thus increasing accuracy and reducing the risk of accidental firing.

Further innovation in the internal design of the rocket means MERS can be specified to reach a target at any distance between 300 and 600 metres to meet each customer’s exact requirement without the need to vary the length of the rocket packaging. This commonality allows MERS to be produced using fully automated manufacturing processes that deliver consistent high quality standards more cost effectively. Chemring Defence also plans to introduce a larger MERS with a 1000 metre range.

“With MERS we have re-engineered a long established infantry product using new technologies to achieve performance levels suitable for 21st century operations. Alongside MERS Chemring Defence is also unveiling at Eurosatory a new Compact Smoke Grenade, the first re-design of another widely used infantry product in decades. Both have been driven by lessons from current operations, which have highlighted the need to enhance the dismounted soldier’s effectiveness and endurance”, said David Codling, Sales and Marketing Director, Chemring Defence.


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