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Rosoboronexport at Eurosatory 2010

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The Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rosoboronexport (FSUE) will display the most popular products, manufactured by the Russian defence industry, at the International Exhibition for Land, Airland, and Homeland Defence, Eurosatory 2010 to be held on 14-18 June, 2010.

Rosoboronexport has taken part in the Paris-based exhibition held under the auspices of the French Ministry of Defence since 1996. The Russian exposition is always in the spotlight due to a wide scope of exported advanced military arms and materiel. Rosoboronexport offers the most efficient, but at the same time cost-effective solutions, based on the real needs of potential customers.

Participants in Eurosatory 2010 will be able to familiarise themselves with actively exported Russian armour, including the T-90S main battle tank (MBT) and its T-90SK command tank version, BTR-80A armoured personnel carriers (APC), and armoured recovery vehicles. Foreign partners express much interest in the upgraded BMP-3M infantry fighting vehicle (IFV). The new digital ballistic computer, the infrared thermal imaging sight with the automatic target tracker, and the commander’s thermal imaging panoramic sight with a built-in laser range finder significantly boost the efficiency of the BMP-3M’s armament, comprising a 100 mm smoothbore gun/launcher, a 30 mm cannon, and a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun. The BMP-3M meets every requirement, facing combat vehicles of this type at the present time.

Self-propelled artillery is represented by the 152 mm 2S19 Msta-S howitzer, the 120 mm 2S23 Nona-SVK gun/mortar system, and the Vena automated gun/mortar system. The latter two systems are capable of firing 120 mm projectiles and mortar bombs (including NATO standard ammunition) either directly or from defiladed emplacements. Visitors to Rosoboronexport’s stand will also be able to take a look at specifications of the Khrizantema-S anti-tank guided weapon (ATGW) system, capable of efficiently countering all modern tanks, soft targets, field fortifications, weapon emplacements, and enemy manpower.

The Smerch multiple rocket launcher system (MRLS) is yet another cutting-edge Russian weapon to be showcased at the exhibition. According to experts, it is one of the world’s finest arms. The upgraded Smerch MRLS is capable of destroying almost any type of contemporary ground-based targets at minimum ammunition expenditure within a short time with a high accuracy at a range of up to 90 km.

The Iskander-E theatre missile system is expected to remain in the limelight. The system is designed to engage especially crucial pin-point and area targets with conventional warheads at a range of up to 280 km in heavy enemy countermeasures by day and night in any season. The most significant feature of the launcher is the fact that it carries two missiles, which can be launched one minute apart.

The Russian exhibition stand will also provide experts with information on the Mi-171Sh military transport helicopter and the Mi-35M combat transport. Designers developed these rotary-wing aircraft based on the vast experience, gained in the course of operation of previous versions in various climatic conditions throughout the world. The Mi-171Sh and the Mi-35M incorporate the greatest advantages, inherent in Russian-made helicopters, such as reliability, outstanding flight characteristics, and easy operation.

The Buk-M2E surface-to-air missile (SAM) system has good export prospects. It is the world’s only medium-range SAM system capable of destroying both strategic and tactical aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles, and theatre ballistic and air-launched missiles, including anti-radiation missiles, precision-guided munitions (PGM), and surface targets in heavy electronic countermeasures (ECM) and enemy fire.

Rosoboronexport will also demonstrate upgraded Kalashnikov AK-100 series assault rifles (5.56 and 7.62 mm AK-101, AK-102, AK-103, and AK-104), anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM), special small arms and hardware, radar systems, and other state-of-the-art pieces of Russian arms and materiel, including the 152 mm Krasnopol and the 122 mm Kitolov-2M Cannon-Launched Guided Projectiles (CLGP), and the 120 mm KM-8 Gran laser-guided mortar projectile.

Russia offers deep modernisation programmes for a wide range of Soviet- and Russian-made arms and materiel, with their objective being upgrading such weapon systems up to NATO standards. Support services, offered by Russian designers, ensure combat capabilities of military units, fielding upgraded weapons, and guarantee safe operation of such arms and materiel.

“We have recently pursued more sophisticated and advanced forms of cooperation with European partners, including research and development and joint ventures. We actively investigate the feasibility of joint defence cooperation projects in the interests of third countries. At the present time we really do reach a totally new level of defence cooperation,” said Igor Sevastyanov, Rosoboronexport Deputy Director General and head of the delegation at Eurosatory 2010.

Defence cooperation between Russia and France is an excellent example of such teamwork. Taking into account the fact that 2010 is the Year of Russia in France and the Year of France in Russia, the exhibition will become another milestone in expanding and strengthening relations between the two states.


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